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Its 11pm, and I am still sad beyond comprehension - I say this because I really do no know why I am sad. Lily questioned me and I thank God that I could use Tommy's call as the perfect excuse. Youth Call was sufficient enough. When Vicky showed up, one glance at me told him I was not ok. Youth Call was sufficient as well. I think it really started from Sunday evening, when Butterfly's father asked me in a snide tone, "What exactly are you doing in Arkhan? Are you searching for a job, serving (Youth Call) or working?" It wasnt the question but the way he asked it that got me angry. I politely turned down any of the snacks they offered. Vicky eventually came to join us but I was not interested - I buried my face behind a magazine and immersed my mind there. I didn't care what Butterfly's mother and Aunt were saying, I just wanted to get out of there.
But wait a minute. I need to do a five - line summary to get you abreast of things. I'm dating Vicky. Lily is Vicky's elder sister. I'm working for Lily's husband, the Beaver, and currently living with them. My family live in Lasston - Mother, B2K my younger brother (though a handsome hunk right now) and my Grand Uncle a.k.a Big Daddy. The Beaver offered me the job, for the mean time, and it seemed like a good idea, instead of sitting at home awaiting Youth Call and getting fatter in the process. It also gave me a chance to be close to Vicky - in the same city for the first time.
Vicky's family are a lovely set of people - Mammamia, Papa, Solar, Trendy, Tee are all nice people. Lily, and the Beaver are also very nice and go out of their way to make me comfortable but the other people living with them are not it at all. All three of them are much younger than my younger brother, yet the youngest is rude, irritating, dirty, lazy...I could go on.

Coupled with the fact that I had to withstand them, my Boss, also expects a lot from me, but my capabilities barely stretch beyond IT. That is what I can do best - programming, and web site creating. Fine, my pals call me an amateur, but I believe that practice does make perfect.

Butterfly's father made me feel desperate, enough to leave Lasston to be by Vicky. Then The Beaver wanted to go and drop the kids (three of them - the Butterfly and her brothers) and specifically asked me to come along with Lily and Cub. I don't know why. We got there eventually, and everything was ok until Butterfly's father thanked me for taking care of his kids, only to add that I was using them to enjoy myself as well anyway. That took the wind out of my sales. I just shut down.

Things I want soon: I want a place of my own, even if its a self-contained flat. I want a car of my own so i dont have to depend on anyone to take me anywhere. I want isolation from everyone except Vicky's immediate family and The Beaver, Lily and Cub. Everyone else can stay the way they are with out getting to know me better.


Nigeria is at a standstill again. Petrol stations are not selling fuel to cars because there is about to be another strike. This time its between the Government and the Labour Congress. Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) say that the Government did not warn the masses about the extra 5% increase in VAT, and the fuel price increase before enforcing it. So until the Government reverts to the old system, they country was going on strike. Add the fact that ASUU (the lecturers' union or something like that) is on strike and all the universities are asleep at the moment. There are more teenagers lying idle all over the country at the moment. Where is Nigeria going?

By last nite, all the filling stations in Arkhan were overcrowded. The Beaver bought fuel - 60 litres, at 400 per litre, and I thought - if we can pay 400 per litre while fighting to go back from 75 to 65 then this country is still in need of a lighthouse.


Daydah said…
I just read through and realized that I didn't change the code names I used in my diary! For you Nigerians I am sure you know that Arkhan is Abuja, and Lasston is Lagos.
If you didn't, now you know!
Kafo said…
i figured that in first minute
i am just not sure i like the name vicky for GUY
i mean vicky reminds mii of opute

pele i feel your pain

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