Well Dressed

Its when you feel you are in a place where no one knows who you are that you meet the most unlikely person. Like just now. I have been ill, and everyone that knows me know that I dress according to how I feel. I am still very weak, so I was wearing baggy clothes and my hair was done in a 1960's weave - trust me, the do BELONGS to that era.

I go to the bank to pay in some money into someone's account, only for me to meet one of my hip hop 'sistaz' from Unilag (that's university of Lagos, for those that don't know). She was all dolled up and looking good, and she actually had to glance back twice before my face clicked. I felt like disappearing into thin air!

My major problem is that my body weight flunctuates. Today I'm 60, if I travel and/or go to the school dorm and move about more, I'll reduce to 55 or 56. 55 is actually my most recent slimmest. Its really annoying because the clothes I take to my destination usually end up being a big baggy after three weeks.
Now I am in Abuja, and almost all my clothes are feeling bigger by the day. I know I'll still increase again (my brother and I have done a little research and come up with the result that our house makes us fat - we have used cousins and friends apart from ourselves as case studies and it is true!).

Is there any way I can actually reduce FOREVER? I only wish I could rewind to this morning and dress up real good! If you are going to suggest a diet - remember I'm in Africa!


Kafo said…
normally i would say F it
who cares what ppl think
but then again u r living with future IN LAWS

okay about the weight noTHING

there is no secret answer i guess u just have to keep to the same routine exercise wise and don't go and buy clothes that are too big by clothes that fit exactly and work that

o just wait and not buy until u reach ur ideal weight

good luck
Afam Anigbo said…

I remember telling a certain cute "rotund" chick to lose weight some time back... she chased me round MY OWN HOUSE and almost beat d crap outta me. Looks like I was right, right?

For me personally, i'm against d weight thing ONLY for health reasons. Trust me, its only society that says fat pple aint cool, trust me, one of my best friends wont settle for anything less than OBESE chicks... *wink*

So d secret... well, I guess its just eat right, lotsa veggies and liquid, work out (Not "Olympics"), and have a regular eating pattern (that last one was her moms advice... I think u gotta great mom by d way!)