I got many reactions when I got home on Sunday. My mum practically lifted me off the floor. With tears in her eyes, she could not believe that she had survived without seeing me for three whole months. I was just happy - then surprised at the nice and gentlemanly way my brother (who's now a handsome young man, by the way) was behaving. I got served breakfast in Dad's room, and a bottle of wine was popped in my honour. I was touched.
Then I entered my room, and found out that the clothes I left behind were two sizes bigger, and baggier. I had to start picking what to wear.
God help me!
I like feeling trim, but I have to keep on reminding myself that I am in my father's house, and it has this power to make one really fat, even if you spend jut two weeks. Honestly. Its a tried and tested statement.
So I am watching it. Big time.


Jaycee said…
awww...I like the simplicity of ur blog.
Kafo said…
i wish i was there
u took pictures right

and your brother
that kid
is now soo big

i wish i was there