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Weddings in the air 2

So where did I stop? Oh. Those people who would put down anything just to say they contributed to something. But the bride didn't even budge, since she had compromised enough on that very gown by adjusting it to fit the 'standard', there was no way she was going to let it bother her. I admire that.

The second wedding was also lovely. And larger. It was in an ancient Seventh-day adventist church in Ile-Ife, and it was packed full as well, both with Nigerians here and in the diaspora. I was feeling okay and looking forward to seeing Vicky who managed to come for the engagement and wedding. He covered some of the wedding with the camcorder I brought. He was so happy to see his friends, that his conscience didn't bother him that he 'ran' from the office with a fake sick leave.

You should have seen the smile on his face. I loved it. Back to the wedding, I loved the gown, and the colors chosen for the wedding. I loved the wedding website as well, its something I can create on the side.
For those that don't know, I am a Website Designer and consultant. I went to school for that :D. The bead jeweller business is my hobby, my lucrative hobby.

The reception was in an open field in a gigantic tent with all the decorations and props. Naija peeps out there, if you are having second thoughts about coming home for your wedding AND your reason is that things might not have developed to the level that would satisfy you wherever you are, think again. The wedding industry (yes there is a wedding industry in Nigeria) is so great now, I don't think any country can boast of something better. And the experts can find everything you need. Everything - from real flowers for your bouquet, to creating the latest wedding theme in Texas, they have it all under control. They can even create your very own theme for you, complete with the traditional aspect all done spectacularly. Then there is the photography aspect.
Gone are the days when you open just one album and wonder why the camera made you look so drab and sad when you were not really tired. Now you can get up to three albums, even for your families (husband's and wife's), and a DVD and CD covering everything that went down at the occasion, from the houses, what your mother-in-law was saying, or doing, what your mother was shouting at the driver, how nervous the groom looked just before you entered the church - everything! And with special effects that can even show you up to four different scenes at the same time!
Nigeria is getting better and better every second! Never mind the negative publicity that has existed for so long. It will soon die a sudden death, with you and I helping!
Back to the wedding, the reception started a little late, and those of us that came from far (Lagos), had to begin our journey back if we wanted to arrive at in town on time. So we just waited for the train, and left.

Vicky attended the thanksgiving service in Babcock University Chapel. He said it was lovely, and that the next couple have already been tagged (That gist is for later! And its definitely not us!).

So you Nigerian ladies out there, regardless of who you are getting married to - Hungarian, American, Jamaican, Togolese, Zimbabwean, please come home to do your wedding! You will find wedding consultants and planners to suit your pocket, and to help create your dream wedding! Honestly! I can even direct you to some (at no cost, and I am not being paid for publicity either).

I had a lovely time! And it set me thinking about next year...hmmm.......


Kafo said…

who is dating a Hungarian or a Togolese person

and who is dating an american

fill miii in ooooooooooooooooo

email mii
Daydah said…
Hmm...@Kafo: I was only giving examples....with the first ones anyway. :D

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