Imagine entering a danfo bus, after your car refused to work, around ten p.m. on a Monday, to go home.
Imagine receiving a call from your wife, asking where you were and how come you were out so late. Imagine getting down from the bus, to find out that your phone had disappeared.

And not just any phone. The type that costs about six digits or more. A Nokia Communicator.

What would run though your mind? What would you do?

Well, our pastor just strolled home, and told his wife. She suggested getting the same phone
immediately, the next day, but the Pastor had the conviction that it would be returned to
They went to bed.
The next morning, as he was strolling to the bus stop, some youth in the area asked him about his car, then he narrated his story. They told him they would trace it for him, that by nightfall, he would have it back.

If you were the one, wouldn't you have sneered at them? How can a phone be stolen from you and you would get it back? In Nigeria? Lailai! No be for this country! But he nodded and thanked them, before boarding a bus to work..
By 4 p.m. when he drove home in his car, the boys were waiting for him.....with his phone. They had traced it to Mushin.

Imagine, from Pedro street, in Shomolu, to Mushin Olosha,after Oshodi. Very very far apart. But he still got his phone back. That is the miracle therein.

Unlike what we have come to believe, the youth have a streak of good in them. Even if its minuscle on some of them, there is still some good in everyone out there.

There is nothing impossible for God. He made the possible things so you can be sure that He
is in charge of everything we deem impossible as well.

God bless Nigeria! And praise the God of Impossibilities!


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