God save us from the inaptness in our system o! Imagine spending almost an hour in traffic, on your way home from work, praying that you Meet electricity at home. Imagine getting to your street and smiling, if tiredly, when you see the security lights of all your neighbors on, indicating that your prayers have been answered only to get to your own house and meet darkness.

Your connection to the electric pole has been cut off (sorry for all the foneh, abeg. Na NEPA come our area o! Won wa jana!). Apparently they assumed that we were owing. But we had complaind about the N10, 000 bill they brought to us. Considering that we were the only occupants in our compound, it is a stupendous amount! Even occupants of Face-me-I-Face-you do't pay that much. Well, the NEPA official refused to see the bill we pasted at the gate (for occassions like this o, imagine!), and they cut off our supply.
Needless to say that I couldn't sleep well all through the night, because of the noise of the generator. As the mosquitoes felt I was long overdue for a musical concert, and I was
deprived of the only option I had before, which is to switch on the AC and stay snug under the duvet, I had to listen to them. All night.

Their billing structure is wrong, their connections are wrong. They have no conscience, and they are greedy men, wanting to be bribed at every turn ( You cannot begin to comprehend how much they are asking for, as reconnection fee, and how much you still have to pay for the ladder, the fuel to bring their car, and lunch)! They are even demanding that we pay for the 'free' Pay-as-you-go Meter that they introduced some time back! My Dad has refused to switch, the memory of how outlandish the present meter was back then still fresh in his memory.

The children used to chant "NEPA - Never Expect Power Always". Now its worse.
They now chant "PHCN - People Holding Candles Network".


Kafo said…
let mii start reading

pele ooo
this whole NEPA thing

i can't even begin to understand