Well, tomorrow is the D - Day. I’m going to NYSC camp tomorrow. I still can’t believe it. And the one I can’t believe is Tit’s case. She’s not going for the third time she’s not going. Actually it’s the sixth time, you know, twice a year. And through no fault of her own. Her department in her school has been withdrawing the list of results that contains her name for three years in a row. Why, we don’t know. This time, her call – up letter is right there in the Student Affairs Office, and all the other twenty – nine students’. They can see it, but unless the department sends a copy of their results to the Students Affairs Office, they cannot be given their call – up letters.

It’s a sad situation because its so obvious that its purely an act of wickedness. The problem is that the other twenty – nine are all suffering along with whoever the bastard lecturer(s) [ forgive my French here, but the word is the most appropriate I can find right now] want to punish. Now what started out as a beautiful plan to do service together, rent an apartment together and get good jobs, has turned sour. You know me, when something major’s about t happen in my life, I’m all hyped up about it, but around her, I can only stay mute so I don’t make her sad.

Its killing me.

Where was I? Ok, I wore one of the denims I bought yesterday, one of the tops I bought, and my denim jacket, plus the pinkish reddish (I don’t know the exact color or hue name, honestly – its not a primary color) dainty heelly shoes I got as a birthday present. When I was done I glanced in the mirror – and loved what I saw. And where was I going? Church of course! I had to say my goodbyes to my unit members at the gate. I have to hand it to them though – they showered me with compliments, congratulating for still ending up in Lagos for NYSC, unlike another member who ended up in Akwa Ibom. I was touched by the sermon as well. I got home, and it seemed that my happiness scale went from ‘really happy’ to ‘sorrowful’. I took lots of smiling pictures but that didn’t tip the scale back up. Then I bought credit and sent a mushy text to Vicky. He didn’t reply. I called. When he kept asking me what was wrong, I couldn’t say anything in reply.

Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t know what lay ahead of me, or maybe it was Titi’s case or even both combined, I don’t know. I just hope the gloom lifts. Meanwhile Mum keeps giving me pep talks on being on my best behaviour, as if I’ll get to camp and just lose it, like I’m so unstable. Hmmm…It actually increases my curiosity as to whether its true what they say about the high levels of promiscuity in NYSC camp. I would love to WATCH the drama (notice the emphasis).


xi said…
Quite the narcissist, I see, watching yourself.

Cos I'm assuming that you are going to be a part of the drama.

Hope you no go do camp romance o.... Anyway, make i dey read dey go....