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Chronicles of NYSC camp - POLKADOT PANTIES

I was so weak today. Everyone’s fingers were ice – cold, like ice chips touching my hands every time I shake them. Mr. Ibrahim (who asked me formally for a dance last Saturday) began singing “You are my sunshine” to me during the morning drill. It was comical to everyone but they were not the ones feeling his icy fingers as he grabbed my arm each time he caught up with me. I couldn’t jog. I could barely walk. I have almost finished my Artesunat. I saw Uncle Wasiu and he promised to get me an exemption letter (defn: a little form that exempts a corper from all the activities). Wouldn’t it be a relief to be left alone to sleep and rest!
Eventually I was left alone. Everyone could even see it in my face that I wasn’t strong, plus my voice cracked so it was very clear that I could not participate. After the morning jogging, we were released to go an eat breakfast, and it was all I could do to crawl to my room, with the aid of my friends, Lola and Hippy. I got to my room, removed my white shorts, leaving another pair on that I’d had on under it. My friends refused to go and collect the day – old bread and colored water we were being served. I crawled to the dining area, and collected my food, greeting several people before it was my turn. I got back to the hall, and was about to enter my room when I heard an exclamation behind me.
“Did you go to the dining area like this?” another corper girl asked. I turned around slowly, and nodded the affirmative. “Your shorts are so transparent, I can see your panties vividly.” She said.
I sighed. I had left the room full of people, passed several acquaintances along the way to and fro, and had seen several more on the queue. No one, no female had thought it necessary to let me know that my polka dot panties were in full view. I had greeted my platoon leader, Naje and my fellow IT leader, AY. Life.
I just went to my bed and sat down. I put it behind me. So the whole camp had seen my polka dot panties on display. What else is new? If I didn’t make a big deal of it, then no one else would. And that is exactly what happened.


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