I know that many of us will be planning a lovely outing on
Thursday - Valentine's Day, but I am hoping that we will
also remember those that cannot enjoy the things we take
for granted like walking...dancing...using our hands and
even fingers.

The Octopus Events is currently subsidizing the prices for
Dominion Honey's 75 cl bottled honey(sealed and branded).
The current price is N870, of which 5% is going to be
donated to Hearts of Gold Children Hospice and Orphanage,
Ikeja, Lagos state.

Hearts of Gold Chilren's Hospice is the first children's
hospice and respite care facility in Nigeria. The house
opened it does in October 2003 in response to a steadily
increasing number of abandoned and orphaned sick children
suffering from a vast range of illnesses.

These illnesses have the potential to end their lives in a
matter of days, weeks, months or sometimes years.
For each of theses children with a terminal of like
limiting illnesses, the hospice offers comfortable, caring
and loving environment as there may well be all too few

Hearts of Gold provides respite support, palliative care
(comfort and pain management) and end-of-life care for
children with life-threatening and terminating illnesses.
The house isn't a place of sadness and despair.

Their website -
Please log into this opportunity to help others.
For every 75cl (medium EVA bottle equivalent) bottle of
Dominion honey you buy, you are donating about N45 to this
worthy cause!Spread the word! Order now!
Mail Dayo, Ayo=