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One of the quirks about livin in Lagos is the fact that at one point or the other, especially if you don't have a car, you can get caught in the rain. But the way you view the whole situation determines how you will end up.

If you get angry at the elements, and start boiling - you will sizzle alone, but if you try to see the comic aspect of it all, like I did yesterday, then your have successfully avoided a high B.P. and reducing your life span by 20% more, unnecessarily.

I was already late by the time I joined the queue for VI bus at Tollgate. After waiting for another forty-five minutes, and watching the third Obalende bus load, I walked up to that bus and entered, thinking that I was doing the wise thing to avoid the rain that the dark clouds were predicting.

Before we got halfway, the driver parked and brought out a black nylon (or plastic garbage bag, for all the phonerized people), tore it width-wise, and started cellotaping it to the left side of the bus. Needless to say that …

Apology to a friend

Starting from the last line where you said, 'that is all' -

No my dear, that is not all

We have a lot to talk about,
a lot to catch up on,

We have a lot to hash up,
we have a lot to forgive of each other.

We have come a long way,
and like trees planted beside each other,
we have grown apart.

It was inevitable,
and inimitable,
but the thing is,we are still friends.

We have a lot to look back on,
a lot to smile and laugh about,
a lot to argue about.

There is history for us,
and we also have one more thing...

We have the future to build a stronger friendship

We have tomorrow to ensure that we stay close,

we have learnt from the past
and we have the rest of our time on earth to ensure that nothing comes in between.

We have a long list of memories to weave - our weddings,
our children's naming ceremonies and graduations, and a lot more.

We have TIME...that is if you are willing to take my hand in friendship

I'm waiting.....