According to some scientists online, fasting actually has its pluses - for one it makes you fresher, helps you check your food intake, and also helps your body to burn the stored fat. It also helps your skin glow.But as for me, the major benefit I have seen so far is the fact that my prayers seem to get through the switchboard, through the verification procedures of Heaven, and to the "Yes" zone in lightning speed. Sometimes I don't even have to finish thinking it. It has also helped me to draw closer to Him who must not be toyed with.I am grateful for being among the living! And I am thankful for the fact that my sins are forgiven and wiped away.It makes me extremely sober you know, and there are some passages that really make me sober, and some others make me think hard and long.* where were we? Ah..fasting.I recommend fasting and prayer for everyone - it is the perfect solution to that puzzle you have being battling for so long. It is the best antidote to any problem.Some might dread seventy days fasting and prayer suggestions but you can start like me - I began with one day till noon fasting, then progressed to three days till noon fasting. Next busstop for me will be three days till six pm fasting. It is a gradual process.You can try it!