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No food for lazy man

Some days ago I was sitting in a commercial bus on my way to Community Development meeting, on Ikorodu road, when I saw a tricycle in front of us with the caption at its back reading "No food for lazy man". I thought about it and shook my head in disagreement. I have many facts to prove otherwise, especially that morning.
I boarded a bus heading for Ojuelegba under bridge, and it stopped (of course) along the way, at known bus stops. It stopped at Town planning (opposite Anthony Village), only to be told to step aside by LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) officials. There were about four of them,and there was also a uniformed official from MOPOL, carrying a rifle and looking very menacing. What was the driver's crime? Nothing that we could put our finger on. Within seconds, they has assigned a plainclothes man to collect the key and drive the bus.

We the passengers were left speechless. We tried to evaluate the situation - what was the driver's crime? Did he drive in the wrong lane? No, he was in the side lane like all the other commercial buses. Did he stop at a wrong place? No he did not, as I have been travelling that route for ages and it is a known bus stop - even the new LAGBUS built a busstop right there. Then as the new person drove us towards Obanikoro, I realized that the officials just "caught" about four buses, and it seemed they were through for the morning. They each had plain clothes men dirve the buses and head into Obanikoro to godness-knows-where.

It is a sad thing in Nigeria - no one really knows their rights, and those that know are almost always afraid to state it, because of the guns that are always around to threaten them.

It is a sad thing to realize that while robbers are having a field day terrorizing people around Lagos, our officials are terrorizing citizens as well.

It is a sad thing to note that Our Law enforcement officials (most of them anyway) lack good face value - I always snort when I read anywhere that the Police is my friend.

It is a sad thing that being innocent does not guarantee your being free.

Needless to say that I was delayed, but I still got to the meeting on time.

As I was still thinking about these things, at Palmgrove busstop, the bus I was in was stopped by three "plain clothes guys" demanding for money. I looked around - there wer five LASTMA officials looking on, there was a Police man also. The conductor of the bus refused to cooperate, and a fight ensued. As the bus driver packed to intervene, I didn't know when I said out loud, "Not again!"


Daydah said…
This is an apology to readers that are not familiar with Ikorodu road (yes, some people were born in Lagos but have never passed that road, those people that go from VI, to Lekki, to London and back), or with Lagos state, or with Nigeria (yes, those that are Nigerian by birth but have not come to the country more than once [and even then they went to Abuja], or have not come at all).

Ikorodu road is a long road that accesses most of the communities in Lagos state, Nigeria. There are several stops, including the ones mentioned in the article.
Thank you
Afam Anigbo said…
About time u started drivin darn the car dearie...
Daydah said…
Picture this: there are three cars in the house. The Honda is about 6 yrs old, and the car keeps giving us the cause to spend more and more money. The Benz is definitely a no - go area as it needs work on its silencer and body work. The Toyota's brake is flat - which is not supposed to be as its an automatic.
So, there are three cars in the house. But I cannot touch any - unless I just want to be delayed on the third mainland bridge or something....
xi said…
You sure say you no go buy one beta BMX bicycle?
Daydah said…
@xi: are you sure i need a BMX bicycle? If you find one that can carry my laptop as well then no problem. My birthday is around the corner, and you are allowed to bring it to my house all wrapped up nicely in pink ribbons!

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