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The Sea of Life

I am in the sea
and swimming towards my destiny
only a few more meters, it seems
I smile as I come closer
'keep swimming' I mutter
and in an outward glide
my foot gets tied

To float I know not how
to see what holds me back I bend down
tis an anchor, a rope to it is tied
and the other end to my foot is ensnared
I raise my head above the water
and see the shore yonder
I must go down to untie myself
from this anchor that is keeping me fettered
away from my destiny
far from where I want to be.

I look around me trying to find help
all I can see is nothing but kelp
no one close by
to hear my cry
how to get out of this predicament I know not how
the rope tangled to my foot seems tied tighter now!
I must find a way out of this

Everyone else think all's swell
that things are going so well
I can't be bothered by their own dilemmas
But that's where they are wrong
because I'm weighed down wit this ..this Kong!
All these issues
and no one has even offered to give me a tissue!

I must not blame anyone o…

Bras: to wear or not to wear?


This is primarily for women but husbands can also educate their wives.

Do you wear bra for the whole day and even at home?
I think we should go bra-free after reading this article.
It's a message for your health.
Please pass this to all female friends you know.
I think it's important to be aware.
For years, a lot of articles with regards to the causes of
breast cancer point to
an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise as the major links
to this disease which
happens to be the biggest killer among women during these
last two decades.


The following conversation took place...

The following conversation took place on Yahoo messenger this morning
disgodkidd: bbuzz
Dayda: hi kiddo
Dayda: thanks for ur call
disgodkidd: so wats up wit u? wht hv u been sick?
disgodkidd: u there?
disgodkidd: u there?
Dayda: yeah
Dayda: sorry
Dayda: i had small fever
Dayda: was overworkin myself
Dayda: okay okay!
Dayda: i admint
Dayda: admit
Dayda: i have alredy bn shouted on by my mum
Dayda: my brother
Dayda: and three friends
Dayda: pls
Dayda: i am tired
Dayda: !!!!
Dayda: i have done my hair now
Dayda: and ordered new clothes
Dayda: and i am dressing properly
Dayda: i bot two pairs of shoes
Dayda: ok?
Dayda: *sigh
Dayda: sorry for downloading
Dayda: yes i was ill
Dayda: how r u?

The Power of Fear

Picture this:
You are sitting in your room, catching up on some old movies, when you suddenly hear the sound of someone banging your gate (is that English? I meant 'Knocking loudly'). You glance at the time at the edge of the screen, it's 2 a.m. in the morning. The knocking isnt the 'pls open this gate for me I need to get in' kind of knock, no, it's the 'OPEN THIS GATE THIS VERY SECOND YOU MORON' kind of knock. The only dog you have in the compound barks half-heartedly, then stops.
Then a few minutes later you hear someone right by your window, walking on what sounds like iron roofing sheets. And it seems the person is not alone, masculine voices, in the dead of the night.

What would you do? How would you react? Add to the fact that your family was robbed at Easter and the experience has you shaken even now, over three months after. What would be your first action?

I was off the settee in seconds, and had hidden the office laptop (mine was stolen, and the …