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Let's Talk about it

Remember that old hit song that we were banned as kids, from even humming back in the day? "Lets talk about sex baby"? Well, I was thinking about things last night before I slept off and I realized that we, as an emerging, more educated older generation still have a lot of work to do concerning sex education of the younger ones. But the vital question is, How much do we ourselves, know? Its amazing how low I scored in the Quizz on just now. There are so many things to learn about it, and some of us are so ignorant, that some teenagers in public schools in Lagos would feel on top of the world if they knew.

We need to empower ourselves, not only to help ourselves, but to help the younger generation, who are browsing the Net at the tender age of 12 (Yes its tender here in Naija, and yes, give a child 100 naira and she'll be heading to a cyber cafe in the next five minutes). They are exposed to a lot of things like porn, and other terrible stuff.

Do I so…


Turns out karma does exist. I had a case of the ex this morning. My ex calls from Holland and after all the 'hello's and 'how's the weather over there's, he surprises me by hashing up our history. See this guy and I had a relationship until he went for NYSC (that's Nigerian Youth Service Corps to those that do not know, and it is compulsory for every graduate). During the three weeks camp, I heard from reliable sources that he went haywire and decided to make sure those that donated condoms to the corpers didn't waste their there is a chance he might read this so i will cut it short. NYSC Three weeks camp is another issue for another day - someone please remind me, ok?

He broke up in the nastiest way - he just cut communication. Just like that. I cried twice over him, before brushing away the tears and moving on. Now we are good friends - online. And he calls me today to apologize for all the wrong he did me, saying that the person he became dur…


When is it ok to finally say yes to a guy?
When do reach the maximum fronting level for a guy, before saying, 'ok, I will date you'?
Cos someone is fronting for my brother and its starting to itch me big time.....

Expiry Date

Imagine what happened yesterday as I was going home. Due to the fuel hike, there were no kabukabus (for those of you that don't know, kabukabu is usually a small car that the owner uses like a sort of general taxi and picks passengers within a route) so I took a bus halfway. I alighted, and took another bus (that doesn't sound right somehow). Then the alarm for my medication started ringing.
I quickly signaled an ice cream vendor and bought the first one I could see - strawberry yogurt. He cut it and handed it to me, and i threw my pills down my throat (For those battling with malaria regularly, try artesunat. Its very effective - this is the first time I got it back this year).
I look down at the yogurt in my hand and my eyes fell on the expiry date: 24/06/07.
I was pissed. Not because I had been duped, but because the vendor was actually aware that it had expired.

People, if I was not in Nigeria, I would have gone to the pains of reporting the guy to the Consumers Satisfaction C…

Chunks of Time

Time does fly by...
It feels like yesterday when we made our first 'best friends forever' vow. Mine took place in high school. There are so many people that we come across everyday, that leave marks forever on the tapestry we call life. Some marks are scars, some are ugly, some cool. But there is no way anyone can live in isolation for a decade - no absolute way!
The past decade for me has held a lot of things - joys, sorrows, deaths, births, happiness, graduations, meeting new people, and parting ways with a lot more. Its amazing how much we have contributed to other people's lives.

Chunks of time - each one very valuable, are what life is made up of. The past is gone, but the future is there for us to fill, with a lot of things. Most times we let time just pass by, we do not make use of our chunks. Some people just sit in one place everyday, doing nothing. Some just go to work, and do the same monotonous thing everyday. Then when a decade has passed, they wake up and ask, &…

Well Dressed

Its when you feel you are in a place where no one knows who you are that you meet the most unlikely person. Like just now. I have been ill, and everyone that knows me know that I dress according to how I feel. I am still very weak, so I was wearing baggy clothes and my hair was done in a 1960's weave - trust me, the do BELONGS to that era.

I go to the bank to pay in some money into someone's account, only for me to meet one of my hip hop 'sistaz' from Unilag (that's university of Lagos, for those that don't know). She was all dolled up and looking good, and she actually had to glance back twice before my face clicked. I felt like disappearing into thin air!

My major problem is that my body weight flunctuates. Today I'm 60, if I travel and/or go to the school dorm and move about more, I'll reduce to 55 or 56. 55 is actually my most recent slimmest. Its really annoying because the clothes I take to my destination usually end up being a big baggy after thre…


You should have seen me on Sunday. I was shivering like a jellyfish. It was not funny o. Those of you that have encountered malaria know how it can pull you down so fast, you would think you were drowning. I had to brace myself and look for a way to get medication.
Then again, most malaria drugs do not work for me, and the most effective one - those that end with 'quine', I cannot take. Why? Because i react to quine. I start to itch all over, and cry, you wouldn't want to watch. Its crazy, but I once used a scrubbing brush to scratch my whole body - my Mum cried as she watched. This is why I avoid all quines. Then there is resistant malaria now.
God help us all o. There is also cerebral malaria. And to make matters worse, I have been told that those with blood type, AA often get malaria.
I wish I had more information about cerebral malaria - can anybody help out?


I am tired of these pranksters. The latest trick is to plan with other people to convince you to drop some money. Its annoying. Imagine this scenario: you enter a general cab car, containing other passengers, and before you get to the next bus stop, someone opts to alight, requesting that the driver assist in dropping his luggage in the boot.
The driver begins questioning the contents of the passenger's bag, insisting that it contains a lot of dollars and he would report to the police if the person does not confess. Sounds like a good l Samaritan who wants to know if the money is stolen, right? Wrong!

If you fall into their trap, you are doomed. The sequence always starts from there, then they talk about sharing the money, or the culprit 'settling' them so they keep quiet. Then before you know it, you are also dropping some money and that's where the duping is.
Someone - a friend of a friend, dropped thirty thousand naira, and he never saw them again.

I got picked up twi…


Yesterday The Beaver sent Vicky to get me in the office, telling me to close early. It turns out he wanted Vicky to drive Lily to pick his niece in distant Nassarawa state (she's in boarding school there). Everytime he wants to use Vicky, he insists I be there. When we got home we met Vicky's parents. Mum wanted to check somethings online. When I opted out of going with Lily, The Beaver insisted I go. Like I'm some bait to use Vicky (this is not the umpteenth time) to do his bidding.
When we got back and everyone was taken care of, Vicky and I sat back in the car for about two hours and cleared all the cobwebs that had began to accumulate between us since the last time we were together - alone.
The Parliamentary session was closed eventually with a kiss.

Closeness: means being intimate with someone else. There are varying degrees of closeness, between siblings, between parents and their offspring, between friends and between lovers. The last one is the most intense, and the m…

Interview II

The second candidate for the interview came really late. She was tall, and elegant looking, and she claimed to have a National Diploma in Law, but she could not do ordinary arithmetic - addition, and multiplication. She was asked by my colleague to multiply 1500 by 20. Imagine, she asked for biro and paper, and after 10 minutes, came up with the answer.
She was also asked to calculate 5% of 100, and she had no answer to that.
And she is a graduate - God help Nigeria!


What exactly is the meaning of enjoyment? Last night, The Beaver asked me to come along as he wanted to drop off a visitor - with Lily and Cub of course. Then we went to Grand Square, to buy Ice cream, and to a big bakery to buy lovely bread, before going to drop her off at her Dad's house.

Now if it was the other people in the house that came with him, they would have said, "That was fun! Solid enjoyment!" But I was just ok.
Still feeling down, but I am getting better emotionally. Physically is a different case.
Anyone ready to answer my question?

Face Off

The Labour Congress has refused to back down until their demands are met. The difference of #5 on the petrol price is really important to them. I guess they are fighting for the Nigerian people, and telling us all to go on strike is a welcome idea to Nigerians. You know we love holidays, especially impromptu ones.

My bone of contention right now is the ASUU strike that is keeping youngsters idle. I just heard of another rush wedding. As usual the girl got pregnant, and they didn't plan it but it happened so they have to get married in a rush so that people wont know (when the whole world already knows).

Is there any remedy to the state of Education in Nigeria? Can anybody think up something that will halt the rottenness in that sector?


Just this morning I conducted an interview - well two of us actually. The lady that came in first looked docile, until she began to speak. She was quite alright, except that the salary she was demanding for was ridiculous considering the post she was to take.
Anyway, I felt shaky last night, thinking about it. Now that its over, I think I conducted myself rather well. In fact, I thank God I didn't actually create the bogus form I was tempted to, yesterday.

More Whims

Its 11pm, and I am still sad beyond comprehension - I say this because I really do no know why I am sad. Lily questioned me and I thank God that I could use Tommy's call as the perfect excuse. Youth Call was sufficient enough. When Vicky showed up, one glance at me told him I was not ok. Youth Call was sufficient as well. I think it really started from Sunday evening, when Butterfly's father asked me in a snide tone, "What exactly are you doing in Arkhan? Are you searching for a job, serving (Youth Call) or working?" It wasnt the question but the way he asked it that got me angry. I politely turned down any of the snacks they offered. Vicky eventually came to join us but I was not interested - I buried my face behind a magazine and immersed my mind there. I didn't care what Butterfly's mother and Aunt were saying, I just wanted to get out of there.
But wait a minute. I need to do a five - line summary to get you abreast of things. I'm dating Vicky. Lily is…


I just heard that a governor that had been voted and sworn in by the masses in the East was removed and the former governor was re-instated. I don't know the full details but I have this to say - Can't we just feel shame a bit? Its enough that the whole world is staring at the country in disdain (there is practically nothing you can tell them that will convince them that we did not rig the elections). Now add this. Where is Nigeria going to?