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I am tired of these pranksters. The latest trick is to plan with other people to convince you to drop some money. Its annoying. Imagine this scenario: you enter a general cab car, containing other passengers, and before you get to the next bus stop, someone opts to alight, requesting that the driver assist in dropping his luggage in the boot.
The driver begins questioning the contents of the passenger's bag, insisting that it contains a lot of dollars and he would report to the police if the person does not confess. Sounds like a good l Samaritan who wants to know if the money is stolen, right? Wrong!

If you fall into their trap, you are doomed. The sequence always starts from there, then they talk about sharing the money, or the culprit 'settling' them so they keep quiet. Then before you know it, you are also dropping some money and that's where the duping is.
Someone - a friend of a friend, dropped thirty thousand naira, and he never saw them again.

I got picked up twice last week. It happened again this morning. I hope the police catch up to what is going on soon.

Readers I am so sorry for the break in transmission: Malaria got me down a bit, but I am back up now! At least I am able to leave the house :D.

Pls tell me what you think and other methods these 'smart' people think they can use to get easy money.

After NLC and the government came to an agreement on the fuel price, thereafter calling off the strike, you would think that the fuel queues at the petrol stations would disappear. That is not the case o. In fact, they are growing again. I wonder why?


Kafo said…

i almost got 419ed myself over here

that is a story in and of itself

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