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Yesterday The Beaver sent Vicky to get me in the office, telling me to close early. It turns out he wanted Vicky to drive Lily to pick his niece in distant Nassarawa state (she's in boarding school there). Everytime he wants to use Vicky, he insists I be there. When we got home we met Vicky's parents. Mum wanted to check somethings online. When I opted out of going with Lily, The Beaver insisted I go. Like I'm some bait to use Vicky (this is not the umpteenth time) to do his bidding.
When we got back and everyone was taken care of, Vicky and I sat back in the car for about two hours and cleared all the cobwebs that had began to accumulate between us since the last time we were together - alone.
The Parliamentary session was closed eventually with a kiss.

Closeness: means being intimate with someone else. There are varying degrees of closeness, between siblings, between parents and their offspring, between friends and between lovers. The last one is the most intense, and the most volatile, most likely to change.
One question: Can two people in a relationship be very very very close without sleeping with each other? Is it possible?

This is the third day of the strike. When the 70 naira adjustment was made, Petrol stations began to sell, but NLC ordered them to stop until the price is reduced to 65 naira. So we are all still on strike, Here in Abuja its a virtual strike because people are still going to work and moving around.


Kafo said…
Parliamentry session I LOVE THAT

yeah i think u can be in a relationship without sex and still feel like u know the person

i mean sex makes it messy and if u have sex early on then it is like you start to mistake the physical closeness for real intimacy

i think intimacy starts in the mind
and it is beautiful the ability to talk to a person and know that they know you and that you can say anything and sometimes you don't even need to talk
ahhh beautiful

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