Expiry Date

Imagine what happened yesterday as I was going home. Due to the fuel hike, there were no kabukabus (for those of you that don't know, kabukabu is usually a small car that the owner uses like a sort of general taxi and picks passengers within a route) so I took a bus halfway. I alighted, and took another bus (that doesn't sound right somehow). Then the alarm for my medication started ringing.
I quickly signaled an ice cream vendor and bought the first one I could see - strawberry yogurt. He cut it and handed it to me, and i threw my pills down my throat (For those battling with malaria regularly, try artesunat. Its very effective - this is the first time I got it back this year).
I look down at the yogurt in my hand and my eyes fell on the expiry date: 24/06/07.
I was pissed. Not because I had been duped, but because the vendor was actually aware that it had expired.

People, if I was not in Nigeria, I would have gone to the pains of reporting the guy to the Consumers Satisfaction Council (CSC or whatever their name is). But i am in Nigeria, and I know that it would be a waste of time - who said the guy is a registered seller? Who said the product is an original product and not a Sapele (or Aba - no offense meant o) - made one?

People please always try and check for the expiry dates on products, even vegetables (We now have ShopRite and the Game, where even ordinary okra dey get expiry date o! Yes! in Lagos, Nigeria!).

My people, I am getting tired of this country! Imagine, Labor has agreed with Govt - sell at 70 naira. But the Sellers are hoarding! There are increasing queues everywhere! To the outside world, things are back to normal, but here in Abuja, the 'black market' boys are making huge profits again o!