Turns out karma does exist. I had a case of the ex this morning. My ex calls from Holland and after all the 'hello's and 'how's the weather over there's, he surprises me by hashing up our history. See this guy and I had a relationship until he went for NYSC (that's Nigerian Youth Service Corps to those that do not know, and it is compulsory for every graduate). During the three weeks camp, I heard from reliable sources that he went haywire and decided to make sure those that donated condoms to the corpers didn't waste their money....now there is a chance he might read this so i will cut it short. NYSC Three weeks camp is another issue for another day - someone please remind me, ok?

He broke up in the nastiest way - he just cut communication. Just like that. I cried twice over him, before brushing away the tears and moving on. Now we are good friends - online. And he calls me today to apologize for all the wrong he did me, saying that the person he became during that one year service to Nigeria was not the person I was dating prior to that. That I would have detested the new person, so it was in my best interests that he did what he did. hmm.....

Now he's a better person and would like to clear the air. I used the opportunity to tell him that next time he wanted to break up with somebody, he should never use the silence method cos that hurts more than confrontation, not knowing what was going on, and what the crime was...

hmmm...... He's a nice fella now. And we are very good friends, now. :d

By the way, have you ever thought of making amends with people in your past? Do you know your past has a lot to do with the present and your future (even if Gov. Arnold "erased" it for you)?
Tell me what you think!