You should have seen me on Sunday. I was shivering like a jellyfish. It was not funny o. Those of you that have encountered malaria know how it can pull you down so fast, you would think you were drowning. I had to brace myself and look for a way to get medication.
Then again, most malaria drugs do not work for me, and the most effective one - those that end with 'quine', I cannot take. Why? Because i react to quine. I start to itch all over, and cry, you wouldn't want to watch. Its crazy, but I once used a scrubbing brush to scratch my whole body - my Mum cried as she watched. This is why I avoid all quines. Then there is resistant malaria now.
God help us all o. There is also cerebral malaria. And to make matters worse, I have been told that those with blood type, AA often get malaria.
I wish I had more information about cerebral malaria - can anybody help out?


Kafo said…

take it easy oooooooooooooo
Afam Anigbo said…
Ah, pele darling. I myself am AS, so malaria comes like once in a sapphire moon.

Though its kinda amusing imagining you... clothes off, brush gently and sensually itching "those zones" LOL! Ok, I'm kidding... dat sh** musta hurt like mad!

For ur info cerebral malaria is wen ur malaria gets to like 5 pluses, ie +++++, then it attacks your brain, attaches to it and wont let go... basically, ur screwed. My bro almost had it once and i coughed out a large sum just to make sure he was ok (d tins i do for love)

So, pele once again, and if it ever gets so bad... there's always the (clear throat) "healing"

Daydah said…
@Afam : You are a certified tout! What healing are you talking about? Thanks for the info anyway...
Daydah said…
@ kafo: thanks jare. Really appreciate it....