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I just read some of my baby girl's blog posts and fell in love over again. with words. I used to love writing, then all of a sudden I stopped. I think I need to pick up my pen again.

Poetry is music on paper, someone once said, and how true it is. The words were just flowing like a brook through my soul.
I think you all need to visit

Kafo, keep it up. Keep it real! I love you always girl!

Weddings in the air 2

So where did I stop? Oh. Those people who would put down anything just to say they contributed to something. But the bride didn't even budge, since she had compromised enough on that very gown by adjusting it to fit the 'standard', there was no way she was going to let it bother her. I admire that.

The second wedding was also lovely. And larger. It was in an ancient Seventh-day adventist church in Ile-Ife, and it was packed full as well, both with Nigerians here and in the diaspora. I was feeling okay and looking forward to seeing Vicky who managed to come for the engagement and wedding. He covered some of the wedding with the camcorder I brought. He was so happy to see his friends, that his conscience didn't bother him that he 'ran' from the office with a fake sick leave.

You should have seen the smile on his face. I loved it. Back to the wedding, I loved the gown, and the colors chosen for the wedding. I loved the wedding website as well, its something I can cr…

Weddings in the air!

This week, starting from the beginning (Sunday of course), till the end (Thanksgiving Service on Sabbath - Saturday). It started off with Busayo Ola's wedding on Sunday, and ends with Biola Kolade's wedding thanksgiving service on Saturday. I actually attended both weddings. I use the word actually because, for the first, it was a painful sacrifice, and for the second, I went out of my way to attend it.The first wedding day dawned with my head being pounded continually by a sledge hammer (Literarily, I woke up with a blasting headache). I was shivering and I had body pains all over. These were my usual Malaria symptoms, but I wasn't going to allow anything to hold me down that day, not even the sledge hammer.I had to go to the bride's house to get my attire, and it turned out to fit me like a second skin - too tight. I had actually visited the house twice to get the dress, which was sown for me by the Bride's tailor. I had sent my measurements via text to the Bride…


I got many reactions when I got home on Sunday. My mum practically lifted me off the floor. With tears in her eyes, she could not believe that she had survived without seeing me for three whole months. I was just happy - then surprised at the nice and gentlemanly way my brother (who's now a handsome young man, by the way) was behaving. I got served breakfast in Dad's room, and a bottle of wine was popped in my honour. I was touched.
Then I entered my room, and found out that the clothes I left behind were two sizes bigger, and baggier. I had to start picking what to wear.
God help me!
I like feeling trim, but I have to keep on reminding myself that I am in my father's house, and it has this power to make one really fat, even if you spend jut two weeks. Honestly. Its a tried and tested statement.
So I am watching it. Big time.

Man proposes....

Man proposes but God disposes.
At least it was so in my case. I had great plans to carry out when I got to Lagos, but here I am with less than half carried out. And time is running out - its so fast! I wonder where the day goes everyday.
The weddings are so close now, its like its tomorrow. I cant wait! I still have to get my dress for the first one, but I hope it wont need adjustments. I seem to have lost so much weight - my mum screamed when she saw me. My whole family still cant believe that I could be this slim - and I am still complaining that I seem to stop at size 12! Don't mind me.
I'll fill you in with each detail!

Virgin Flyer

I was a virgin until recently. A virgin flyer that is (what was running through your mind?). I had never travelled by air prior to the 12th of August, 2007. This was due solely to the fact that I was an obedient child, and we were forbidden to fly because of the terrible state of most of the aircrafts in Nigeria (before).
But since the multiple plane crashes, things have indeed gotten better in the airport system, only that my father didn't want to hear that. NO FLYING. Period.
Then I got my chance, last week, when my Mum flew to Kaduna, and Dad was stiff-lipped angry. (So angry he was silent for a while). She told me, and added directions on how to leave the airport when I arrived in Lagos, if I chose to fly. Of course I chose to fly! And it was a lovely experience. Compared to the 10 hour journey by road (My Dad doesnt just insist on you travelling by road, he also selects which bus you travel in. Very thorough man), it was a fantastically short journey for me. In less than one ho…


It looks like everyone that I knew ten years ago will be in Nigeria this August. It brings back the title of this blog: Chunks of time. Ten years have gone by - more likely flown by and everyone has become someone else. I wonder how we will all relate to each other. Some of us have kept the communication going all this while, but some have not. The question will always come up: "So what are you doing now? Where are you based?". Thank God I have an answer. It'll not be funny if I didn't.
Ten years have gone by, what have you been doing with your life? Have you been living in the past? Or dreaming about the future? What plans have you brought to fruition? Are you what you wanted to be ten years ago? All these questions keep going through my head.

Weddings are events of joy and happiness. They are avenues that God created for us to see that love does exist. And they are constant reminders that no one, absolutely nobody, stays in the same spot. Everyone [should] moves forw…

Back...and getting ready!

I am sure I have lost most of whatever following I had cultivated. Its not that I didnt hae anything to say, just that I had not been able to log onto the net.
So, I am getting ready to fly down to Lagos to attend the two weddings of the century - for those of us that attended ASHS anyway! And I can't wait! But I have to finish the work in front of me before I go. Arrrrgh!
ASHS stands for Adventist Seminary High School, which is now Babcock University High School. One of the weddings coming up has both of them - bride and groom as alumni, from the days the school was started, and to think they started their relationship just after they entered college. It makes me wonder who the cynic was that said love does not last.
Cos if I back date it, the relationship started in 1998 or thereabout. Its almost 10 years now, and they are not only still together, getting married! Who said love cannot stand the test of time? They have also been separated for long periods of time - about 5 yrs …