Back...and getting ready!

I am sure I have lost most of whatever following I had cultivated. Its not that I didnt hae anything to say, just that I had not been able to log onto the net.
So, I am getting ready to fly down to Lagos to attend the two weddings of the century - for those of us that attended ASHS anyway! And I can't wait! But I have to finish the work in front of me before I go. Arrrrgh!
ASHS stands for Adventist Seminary High School, which is now Babcock University High School. One of the weddings coming up has both of them - bride and groom as alumni, from the days the school was started, and to think they started their relationship just after they entered college. It makes me wonder who the cynic was that said love does not last.
Cos if I back date it, the relationship started in 1998 or thereabout. Its almost 10 years now, and they are not only still together, getting married! Who said love cannot stand the test of time? They have also been separated for long periods of time - about 5 yrs at least.
I am all for love - across borders and for long periods. My usual advice is to date someone you have known for more than 2 yrs.
Ok. Over - before this becomes a dating-principles lecture.
So I shall be updating you about it all pretty soon! I hope I catch the wedding bouquet!


Kafo said…
u wish u catch the bouquet

tell mii story oooooo

holla back

so r u saying i shouldn't date a guy i haven't know for up to 2 years
Daydah said…
I am just saying that it is ADVISABLE to know a guy up to two years before dating him. As in,you know him, or about him for a long while, so you have small background info at least.
Are you reading any other meaning into my statement?