It looks like everyone that I knew ten years ago will be in Nigeria this August. It brings back the title of this blog: Chunks of time. Ten years have gone by - more likely flown by and everyone has become someone else. I wonder how we will all relate to each other. Some of us have kept the communication going all this while, but some have not. The question will always come up: "So what are you doing now? Where are you based?". Thank God I have an answer. It'll not be funny if I didn't.
Ten years have gone by, what have you been doing with your life? Have you been living in the past? Or dreaming about the future? What plans have you brought to fruition? Are you what you wanted to be ten years ago? All these questions keep going through my head.

Weddings are events of joy and happiness. They are avenues that God created for us to see that love does exist. And they are constant reminders that no one, absolutely nobody, stays in the same spot. Everyone [should] moves forward, everyone progresses. No one stays the same.
The little kiddies back then become the adults that in turn, plan their own families with other people.

These two weddings coming up also ring a big bell in my ear - time is not standing still either. We are not getting any younger. I hope other people realize it and plan accordingly.
And I do mean PLAN.


Kafo said…
r u trying to send mii some veiled message


i'm not coming home
sniffle sniffle

i sent something to u thru Junior tho

have fun

Daydah said…
sniffle sniffle
I will try to understand
sniffle sniffle sniffle
Yes I am sending out a message...
Think about it