Virgin Flyer

I was a virgin until recently. A virgin flyer that is (what was running through your mind?). I had never travelled by air prior to the 12th of August, 2007. This was due solely to the fact that I was an obedient child, and we were forbidden to fly because of the terrible state of most of the aircrafts in Nigeria (before).
But since the multiple plane crashes, things have indeed gotten better in the airport system, only that my father didn't want to hear that. NO FLYING. Period.
Then I got my chance, last week, when my Mum flew to Kaduna, and Dad was stiff-lipped angry. (So angry he was silent for a while). She told me, and added directions on how to leave the airport when I arrived in Lagos, if I chose to fly. Of course I chose to fly! And it was a lovely experience. Compared to the 10 hour journey by road (My Dad doesnt just insist on you travelling by road, he also selects which bus you travel in. Very thorough man), it was a fantastically short journey for me. In less than one hour, we were landing in Lagos. I couldn't believe it. But it was true.
Nigerians, listen! Air travel within the country is now relatively safe! As long as you fly with the airlines that have a whole lot to lose if there is a failure (my opinion totally), there can't be a problem!

So, little me, a virgin flyer, flew to Lagos via Virgin Nigeria on Sunday. So there goes my virginity (in that part of my life now).


Kafo said…
u almost scared miii

i thought my cousin had done something and you guyz had done something


if u could see my heart now
u would be laughing
Afam Anigbo said…
Shoulda been d other "virgin" u was talkin about... lolz

Of course flyin is safer, i dont know y d heck anyone would travel by road (ok, i did it for my g(f) twice... but hey dats my g(f)!)

So next time u wanna travel, fly baby... Live free, die well...