Weddings in the air!

This week, starting from the beginning (Sunday of course), till the end (Thanksgiving Service on Sabbath - Saturday). It started off with Busayo Ola's wedding on Sunday, and ends with Biola Kolade's wedding thanksgiving service on Saturday. I actually attended both weddings. I use the word actually because, for the first, it was a painful sacrifice, and for the second, I went out of my way to attend it.The first wedding day dawned with my head being pounded continually by a sledge hammer (Literarily, I woke up with a blasting headache). I was shivering and I had body pains all over. These were my usual Malaria symptoms, but I wasn't going to allow anything to hold me down that day, not even the sledge hammer.I had to go to the bride's house to get my attire, and it turned out to fit me like a second skin - too tight. I had actually visited the house twice to get the dress, which was sown for me by the Bride's tailor. I had sent my measurements via text to the Bride's mother, and I knew it was going to be perfect. But I must have added 1kg again after that cos the dress was really all about my figure. But, as I said, I wasn't going to let anything hold me down.The bride was lovely. So were her bride's maids. The father of the bride was just beaming all round. Then I saw about all the seniors I had from High School - the ones at home and abroad. It was a practical reunion. It was like we had our own tent or something.The church was packed full two hours before the wedding so we all just strode towards the tents and sat there. People were showing up one by one. Even the candidates for the next wedding were there - beautiful together as usual. It turns out my school father never got all my mails. He had quit using that address, so he didn't know about them. He was the same old 'daddy' I remembered, dotting on me, holding my hand, and asking after my welfare. You should have seen how happy he was that I was in a relationship. His smile grew broader when he realised my guy was his friend. I ended up sitting among Vicky's friends, just like old times, only this time, I wasn't the small girl that liked to hang out with them and ask too many questions. This time I was treated as one of them, and teased to no end that I was dating one of them, the most unlikely for that matter. When I couldn't take it anymore, I called Vicky and handed over the phone to his pals.Despite my bravado, It showed on my face that my head was really pounding, and everyone kept checking my temperature, and asking how I was feeling. It seemed all surreal. I had to fight to smile and every time I laughed there were two sledge hammers hitting hard. But I had a good time - We High school Alumni took pictures together. In a group, and ccording to sets, of each year. About eight sets were well - represented. It was so much fun.The former High school teachers,Vice Principals, and the former Principal were also in attendance. We actually shunned, as if we all agreed anonymously. They had to go out of their way to make sure our paths crossed and when it did, some of us (those forgiving ones) greeted them.I was sad at one point, when I got the programme, and saw my best friend's name among the bridesmaids, but with 'in absentia' just after it. I had looked forward to the wedding because it was another opportunity to see her again after nine years of first letters and voice-recorded tapes, then emails, then phonecalls, then chatting, then blogging. But it was not to be.
Baby gal I got your package, and I loved you more. I just finished the book, and I mus tell you, I could not drop it. I read it all day when I had the chance, and until the next morning, when I finally settled in bed. It was beautiful. And the fragrance is my signature for a long time to come. I hope you love the bag I made for you. It has my signature color on it.
For y'all that don't know, I am a bead jeweller - definition: I make jewels and ornaments with beads. I make bags, wallets, wrist bands, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, necklaces, belts - practically anything! I have made paperweights, baby rattles, baby teethers, and cufflinks with beads. Plastic, semi - glass, glass, precious stones, semi - precious stones, wood, cane, coral - practically any material. Every thing I see, I try to replicate using beads, and for the past three years or so, its been wonderful. You can check out soon for a full catalog! Its almost finished.
The wedding was lovely, and I love the bride's attitude, as she didn't let the put - downers get to her. These are those people who will condemn anything, and everything in the name of religion. After adjusting her gown to fit the spiritual' requirements of a pastor's daughter, these people still had the nerve, to come to the house and condemn everything. I admire her guts, but then, she never cared what people said, from wayback.


Kafo said…
okay what is up with you
why r u always falling sick

i love your recount of the wedding

i wish i was there


i saw some of the pics
girl u looked good
Daydah said…
You mean the pain didn't show on my face? And the bride said you were slimmer than me. I was under the impression that I beat you to the size 12 deadline we made for the wedding.

Wish you were there too. Would have just ignored everyone else, you know. EAsy to do since Vicky wasn't there :D.

Thanks for the compliments!