First of all, Happy New Month Everybody! I have been absent because I have been searching for a job. But I missed blogging so I ran back.

I just finished watching Will Smith's "The Pursuit of Happyness" and I cried and cried, at the frustrastion illustrated there, then I cried tears of joy when he was given a ray of light in the midst of the darkness.

I cried at his bravery in facing all the terrible things that happened to him head on.

I cried when he had to lock him and his son up in a train station's toilet so the boy could sleep at night.

I cried when he could not sleep.

I cried when he beat the odds.

Chris Gardner is one brave guy. Its a true story so I know he's out there somewhere. And I am grateful to him for telling his own story.

No one would see him now in 2007 and think he had to fight to stay in line in a homeless shelter so he could get a decent bed for his son at night.

No one would see his success and believe that he ever made an investment mistake by buying those bone - density scanners.

No one will believe now that he had to donate blood at one time so his son could have supper.

Chris Gardner never gave up. He was always smiling, never letting his dissapointment at the world, at his wife, or at his circumstances show.

He was not weak, and he was not silent either.

He always tried to think of ways to get out of a bad situation.

He always believed that there was light at the end of the tunnel. And he passed this beliefs to his five year old son, Christopher. He never lied to the boy, and always made out time for him.

Will Smith depicted Chris' story extremely well. I cried and cried and cried, especially when he beat the odds and was hired, out of twenty interns. Chris Gardner got hired in 1981, and five years later, he had his own investment firm. Fifteen years later, his company was worth billions.

Doesn't it make you wonder, what our people are going through in other countries? As I saw the long line of black people waiting to enter the shelter, I just thought to myself, All those people that travel to greener pastures, is this what they go through? Is the hardship, and stress, that they most probably werent used to before, this bad?

It has helped me to look at my father in a different light.
It has given me a new perspective, a new angle to view everything.

Thank you Chris Gardner, for showing us that, despite the odds, in spite of the mountains, We CAN get there.


xi said…
Na wa o, you too dey cry sha... lol.

Anyway, I agree with you totally, that movie is a very correct one, them try well-well.

My most memorable part in the movie was the part where he and his son had to sleep in the toilet, and how he made it into a game for his son's sake, being playful, imaginative, spontaneous, and not showing the sinking despair he must have been feeling.

Yeah, then I also liked the part where he went for a job interview straight outta prison, wearing dirty, paint-smeared clothes. And he still shone. See why I like yankee, if na naija, you no go even pass the front door dressed like that sef. :-)

Very fine film, the type where you are one with the main character, identifying with him totally.

After watching this movie, I went out and got myself a rubik's cube.
Daydah said…
@xi: So that is why you have a rubik's cube on your table. Hope you have solved it at least once. I have!
xi said…
Yeah, I have too, I actually have a video on youtube where I solved it under 2 minutes. Yeah yeah, I know I'm not in the class of the serious rubiks-mad people. I think the world rubiks champion solved it in 12 seconds or so. (Can you imagine, they have a rubiks world championship, these oyinbo people don chop belleful oh, them no know wetin to do again sha...)

Anyway, I'd have given you the link for my youtube rubik solve, but nah, my face shows there.... :-)
Daydah said…
@xi: Common now, be fair. You don't have a blog, you don't have a profile, and all I know is that you comment on blogs. Gimme a break! Send the youtube video. I promise I wont tell anyone! Honest! Cross my heart and hope to die!
xi said…
You native name must be Alberta Einstein. You wan use Naija sense for me, abi

Do you want to see the youtube video to look at my rubik solve?

Or do you want to see my face, thus know my identity?
xi said…
Come, you're beginning to misbehave o, you havent blogged in how long!, dont let me show you my red eye. Or my blue tooth.

Anyway, I guess its this job-hunting thing, all the best oh! Meanwhile, better hurry up and blog!
xi said…
...observing a moment of silence for your blog....
may your gentle laptop rest in perfect peace.

Daydah said…
@xi: Ruben (that's my laptop), is not , I repeat, NOT dead! I have been scouring the streets trying to get a job, that's why there has been silence.
Bear with moi!
Adedayo Adeniyi said…
@Xi: Where you at now? MAy the gentle soul of your "mystery" account rest in peace :D