"Why are you so uptight?" she asks him, sitting opposite him to better view his face."I'm not uptight," he replies, but keeps looking at everything else but her.
"I came here to talk to you, to see you and to ask you a few questions," she continues bravely, unable to hide the sadness at what he had become - a silhouette of himself.
Taking his silence as an indication to continue, she asks, "Why are you irritated with me? What could I have possibly done wrong that I did right the last 20 yrs? I've been taking care of your assets, your children, your family, for the last 5 yrs. I've been standing up for you, defending you, and covering up for you all this while. What did I do wrong?"

He sighs. He shakes his head. "People told me I was a fool to leave all my life's work in your hands, that you would go away with it in the end.
They were right because now you are talking of leaving me, when all I ever wanted was to make life better for you."Before she could assimilate his statement, he bursts into tears. Automatically she moves to his side and puts her arms around him. He tries to shrug her away, but she wouldn't let him.

Peep in to the room. A grown man of about sixty years, crying on the shoulder of his wife. His hair is totally white, his face is a bit drawn, and he is lean.

That is the picture of a Nigerian man, trying to make it in 'God's own country'. He has survived unspeakable hardship, trying to get past the hurdles that make life unbearable in a cruel country.

He never intended to stay away for so long, but weeks of promise stretched into months of expectation.

Months of expectation became years of faith, of hope.

"Its alright," she whispers, "I'm here now. I'll always be here.""You said you're tired," he sobbed out. "I'm tired too. I didn't think it would take this long. I love you and the children, but this is something I must finish, so the years inbetween wont be wasted."

She bursts out crying too, as he wont stop.

their crying subsides, and a call comes in."Hello?" he says, putting it to loudspeaker when he realizes its the children. But chaos is the reply he gets. The children are fighting, over if their parents were together finally or not. This brings tears to their eyes anew.

He definitely had to come home.....soon.
The rift is gone, the closeness has enveloped them afresh. She returns home weeks later, with renewed love, renewed hope, and the unwavering faith in the God of impossibilities.

That God alone is what they have left to hold on to.TO BRING HIM HOME....


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