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To drive or not to drive

Well, I am still yet to meet one of the top bosses at work, but generally, I think I have settled in. There is a lot of reading to do however. I hope I can catch up, and eventually make myself useful. School work is very very far from what I am seeing in the industry.
Being a website developer and manager, did not expose me to the world of programming like I have seen since last week. And I am beginning to fear that my mother's analysis is true: I might get so engrossed in the job that I might start to neglect other parts of my life, namely family, fitness and Christianity - actually HER.
I thank God that I'm already on the journey of spiritual growth, and that I am in a fulfilling understanding relationship, cos I don't know if I would have created time for that after I get into the "groove" of the software industry.


About the car - well, I…

NYSC: Finally got a job

I have finally gotten a job. In fact, I resumed on Thursday. And I was relieved, because the state director himself announced that if a corper was not posted by the second week of January, the person's file would be sent back to Abuja (head office) and remobilized (which means, reposted to another state, another job etc). I got posted in the second week. Thank God.
On resumption, i was woken up. Yes I mean figuratively, not literarily (gotcha, Xi!). I thought I had knowledge - a passing knowledge of some processes, until I was given a sound lecture on what technology is all about RIGHT NOW. I am still in the Jurassic era, and I shudder to think of all the sleepless nights ahead of me, while trying to catch up with the rest of the world.
I hope Vicky will not suffer for it - as in communication and everything, because, as I see it, no more late night calls for me.
God is my strength.
my most favorite slogan right now was stolen from Diamond Bank: Where you are going should look nothing…

BIG CHUNK OF TIME: seven years

Where were you seven years ago? Well, I will tell you where i was. I was at a crossroads of some sort. i had just finished my high school education and didnt really know which way forward. It seemed i was going to be a daddy's girl and read medicine like he wanted me to. But I look back now and wonder how i would have turned out if I had.
As God would have it, I read Computer science - a course that i did not come in contact with until after my high school grad. I read it in a public university and ended up spending six years doing a four year course thanks to the incessant strikes and disruptions in our school calendar. Recently I went to my alma mater - Babcock University, for a visit.
It was so.....different. Everything had changed - the school, the university - everything! I didnt know anywhere anymore. i went with my brother, and it soon began to look like I was the prodigal personm, because it seemed at every five steps, i encountered my juniors from high school, who were in J…