BIG CHUNK OF TIME: seven years

Where were you seven years ago? Well, I will tell you where i was. I was at a crossroads of some sort. i had just finished my high school education and didnt really know which way forward. It seemed i was going to be a daddy's girl and read medicine like he wanted me to. But I look back now and wonder how i would have turned out if I had.
As God would have it, I read Computer science - a course that i did not come in contact with until after my high school grad. I read it in a public university and ended up spending six years doing a four year course thanks to the incessant strikes and disruptions in our school calendar. Recently I went to my alma mater - Babcock University, for a visit.
It was so.....different. Everything had changed - the school, the university - everything! I didnt know anywhere anymore. i went with my brother, and it soon began to look like I was the prodigal personm, because it seemed at every five steps, i encountered my juniors from high school, who were in JSS1 when i was in SSS3 back then. And they all remembered me- said i hadnt changed, just added a bit of weight. It was a humbling experience. I dont know what I expected, but i didnt expect to feel so old and ancient, especially when I went to the high school compound, and realised that there had been a lot of changes. In fact, everything had changed.
This new year, I think i should include the past in my plans, that is, that i should also intend to make my mark, however small. Its funny how things are now - if not for two teachers left over from my time, i would have gone through the school unknown.
For you alumni reading this, pls spread the word to others here in Naija that i can't reach that next week friday and saturday are being observed as founder's weekend (remember? 26th of January?). Happy new year to you all once again!