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To drive or not to drive

Well, I am still yet to meet one of the top bosses at work, but generally, I think I have settled in. There is a lot of reading to do however. I hope I can catch up, and eventually make myself useful. School work is very very far from what I am seeing in the industry.
Being a website developer and manager, did not expose me to the world of programming like I have seen since last week. And I am beginning to fear that my mother's analysis is true: I might get so engrossed in the job that I might start to neglect other parts of my life, namely family, fitness and Christianity - actually HER.
I thank God that I'm already on the journey of spiritual growth, and that I am in a fulfilling understanding relationship, cos I don't know if I would have created time for that after I get into the "groove" of the software industry.


About the car - well, I got a gift last December - a car, so to speak, a nice, tear-rubber (slang for brand new) car,and was so enthusiastic about it, but my license had expired since September, so I had to renew it. Over the past few weeks, my mum and brother have come up with every excuse imaginable as to my not driving the car, and I got sick of it yesterday. My license had arrived and the logical thing was to drive the car to church, right? Wrong answer for my mum. Eventually my aunts intervened and I got to take the car to an estate nearby. Practice does make perfect, cos I realize I lost touch. But the office is one and a half hours away by public transport, and the stress is draining, already. I have to drive my ride.


disgodkidd said…
welcome to the real world....its 3.16am and i am writing program codes...ofcourse we have a life....infront of our laptop...gimme a call pls...08088769907
Jaycee said…
Lolll...pls drive ur ride jo...
xi said…
Na wa o. You like the traffic that much?
Daydah said…
@xi: No I do not like the traffic, I just want to be allowed to "risk driving" my own car! lol
Welcome back xi
xi said…
This one that you're telling me welcome back sef... You're forgetting that you're the one who was missing in action for a while. You were too busy doing all your christmas trips, abi?
Daydah said…
@xi: christmas was fun, thank you.i am sure it was the same for you....

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