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I just fell in love...

I just fell in love...with Obama. I had not been opportuned to listen to any of his speeches until I was invited to join the Obama group on Facebook. I just checked out the group, and clicked this video - and fell in love. Had goosebumps crawling allover my body all through. I watched it once, then again, and again.
Even though I do not live in America, I think the world could use a leader like that. I am only scared that what has happened to such voices in the world - those that get heard, those that are revolutionary, and those that speak for the masses, might happen to him.

Let us pray for Barack Obama - He will need it.

The video is here: obama speech -

Bundle of joy

Yesterday I attended a naming ceremony of a friend. The Genesis of that is a long one, but let me try and summarize it.
She got pregnant in her fourth year. Her boyfriend decided the best thing to do was get married - that is rare these days, as there are many abortion doctors available. You would think it ended well - guy marries girl, they finish school, and apart from their certificates, have also a certificate in parenthood, but no, it didn't end that way.
Her parents refused to let her marry him because of religion. I know what you are thinking - muslim guy to christian girl (or vice versa), right? Wrong.
She is from a Jehovah Witness home, and he is from an Anglican home. That should not cause any friction, since they are both Christians, right? Wrong! Her parents sent her out. But God was on her side - my whole (my aunt took her in, catered for her) family stood by her - attended the naming ceremony of her baby girl yesterday. My mum and I had tears in our eyes, we were so ful…

Broken links

For thos of you that could not follow the link, the link is this one doesn't open, then go to It should be the latest post, I think!


To everyone that reads this blog, I wish you aHAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY..... Read this

Love someone today....


I know that many of us will be planning a lovely outing on
Thursday - Valentine's Day, but I am hoping that we will
also remember those that cannot enjoy the things we take
for granted like walking...dancing...using our hands and
even fingers.

The Octopus Events is currently subsidizing the prices for
Dominion Honey's 75 cl bottled honey(sealed and branded).
The current price is N870, of which 5% is going to be
donated to Hearts of Gold Children Hospice and Orphanage,
Ikeja, Lagos state.

Hearts of Gold Chilren's Hospice is the first children's
hospice and respite care facility in Nigeria. The house
opened it does in October 2003 in response to a steadily
increasing number of abandoned and orphaned sick children
suffering from a vast range of illnesses.

These illnesses have the potential to end their lives in a
matter of days, weeks, months or sometimes years.
For each of theses children with a terminal of like
limiting illnesses, the hospice offers comfortable, caring
and loving environm…

Dangers of the hand held mobile phone

Don't know how far this is true, but there is no harm in being aware... Where do you keep your Handphone normally?This morning I heard a true and sad story from a colleague of mine. She
told me one of her friends is always having miscarriages. When the baby
gets to be 2-3 months old she loses it. This happened several times over.
The couple went to check with many doctors and at last one of the doctors
examined the dead baby and found that the baby's body cells kept dying as
the baby was growing in the womb until he/she could not survive.This was
because her uterus was affected by HANDPHONE RADIATION. The doctor told her she now has no chance to give birth to a healthy baby because the radiation
has affected her uterus so that the major portion of the cells in her
uterus have already died. This happened because she has been keeping her
handphone in her working jacket so that the phone rested against just the
right spot for the uterus. She had been wearing it like this for a few
years. Pl…

Valentine's Day

Love...what is love?

Love is seeing that old lady carrying a heavy bag, and rushing forward to help her with it - unconscious action to aid another person.

Love is sitting in a bus and waiting two hours for it to fill up, then giving your seat to a woman with a baby on her back, because the remaining space is not condusive for her.

Love is knowing your friend is very low and cash, and taking action to help out by sharing the little you have.

Love is ensuring that those around you are happy, by doing all you can to make life better for them.

Love is praying for people around you - even those that you cannot remember their surnames, that all their needs be met, each and every day.

Love is knowing you might not achieve all you set out to do in a day, but also knowing that helping others reach their goal is even better than if you had.

Love is keeping a smile on your face for others to gain warmth from even though you are sad.

Love is self-sacrificing.

Love is all-encompassing.

And love conquers al…


From time to time, I will be putting up observations of life in Naija like this.......ENJOY

IN A TRAIN IN A NEW YORK SUBWAY, a young man who entered at the last stop searches for a seat. He notices a heavily - made up woman sitting with her large bag (because she could not have been able to carry it for long on only one hand)...on the seat beside her.He approaches her and stops right in front of her, bending a little to speak to her.

Young man: Good day Ma'am. Please is the seat taken?
Woman: No its not. You can have your seat.
Young man: Thank you very much Ma'am.

IN A MOLUE BUS IN OSHODI, LAGOS, a young student enters as the bus keeps moving and walks the aisle quickly, in search of a seat. He spots one in a row in front, and heads there immediately.
An old fat woman is seating with her large sack (Super Bagco super sack) right on the seat beside her.

Student: Abeg madam, I wan siddon.
Woman: where u wan siddon? For hia? Go find ur own seat jare!
Student: madam na three…

My pets of 2007

I'm about to let go of my pets of 2007, so please do not laugh at me. At one point or the other, these animals stayed in my house ( I really mean compound, but Bunny did stay in my room for a while). So here goes.... The first is Chuck, That plastic pail that's upside down is actually a 20 litre paint bucket, so you can imagine how big Chuck was. He was the tallest chicken I have seen so far.
The second is Cruz (don't ask my why but that's the chicken's name), and he barely lasted a week. The day he was slaughtered, he refused to eat, as if he knew what was coming. He was always clucking and clucking around the backyard.
The last but not the least is Bunny, the lovely active rabbit I chose from the brood of six that my grandfather was keeping then (He made a lovely soup that he kept trying to entice me to try from them at christmas). Bunny chose me actually, he was so active, he practically jumped on my extended arm. He was born domesticated as well - it didn't m…