I just fell in love...

I just fell in love...with Obama. I had not been opportuned to listen to any of his speeches until I was invited to join the Obama group on Facebook. I just checked out the group, and clicked this video - and fell in love. Had goosebumps crawling allover my body all through. I watched it once, then again, and again.
Even though I do not live in America, I think the world could use a leader like that. I am only scared that what has happened to such voices in the world - those that get heard, those that are revolutionary, and those that speak for the masses, might happen to him.

Let us pray for Barack Obama - He will need it.

The video is here: obama speech - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yq0tMYPDJQ


xi said…
Hmmm... maybe I should forward one of my speeches to you, lets see whether it will work.