My pets of 2007

I'm about to let go of my pets of 2007, so please do not laugh at me. At one point or the other, these animals stayed in my house ( I really mean compound, but Bunny did stay in my room for a while). So here goes.... The first is Chuck, That plastic pail that's upside down is actually a 20 litre paint bucket, so you can imagine how big Chuck was. He was the tallest chicken I have seen so far.
The second is Cruz (don't ask my why but that's the chicken's name), and he barely lasted a week. The day he was slaughtered, he refused to eat, as if he knew what was coming. He was always clucking and clucking around the backyard.
The last but not the least is Bunny, the lovely active rabbit I chose from the brood of six that my grandfather was keeping then (He made a lovely soup that he kept trying to entice me to try from them at christmas). Bunny chose me actually, he was so active, he practically jumped on my extended arm. He was born domesticated as well - it didn't matte where he was, if he wanted to poo, he would scuttle to his box and do his business. He was everywhere - in my room, the sitting room, and was very friendly. Unfortunately for him, my little cousin didnt like him, and "mistakenly" placed rat poison packets near Bunny's favorite corner of the kitchen, by the gas burner where it was always warm. I still have not forgiven the boy, mostly because Bunny died slowly, he was just getting leaner and leaner, stopped eating and eventually just gave up. Life's not fair, abi?
*sigh....So those were my pets for 2007, and I had to watch my family eat the first two, and the last one died slowly. *sigh


disgodkidd said…
r u not supposed to be keeping dolls and cosmetics and stuff like that?

i have a pet laptop...
xi said…
Na wa o.

This one that you actually named the chickens. So when they died, did you have a wake-keep (maybe invite other chickens in the neighbourhood).

What is surprising me is that you actually have passport-sized photographs of these chickens sha. Was that a precautionary thing (maybe incase they run away?) Hmmm. Life is tough o, ppl have started taking pictures of chickens and rabbits. Next you know, they'll start tattooing names onto the chicken.

Wait oh!, have you already done that? Cos I dont want to underestimate you anymore.

And as for the rabbit. You actually named the rabbit'Bunny'. How creative.

Methinks you need a dog in your life. They generally last longer, and one with the right disposition is likely to save you the emotional torture and mental torment of eating your beloved chickens.

This is because the dog is likely to eat the chickens himself.

You ever seen a dog eat a chicken before? I have. Our neighbour used to keep some miscellaneous chickens in his compound until my dog started to assassinate the chickens (the ones that were foolhardy enough to jump over the wall)

The only evidence that there was a chicken is usually a couple of feathers.