From time to time, I will be putting up observations of life in Naija like this.......ENJOY

IN A TRAIN IN A NEW YORK SUBWAY, a young man who entered at the last stop searches for a seat. He notices a heavily - made up woman sitting with her large handbag....no bag (because she could not have been able to carry it for long on only one hand)...on the seat beside her.He approaches her and stops right in front of her, bending a little to speak to her.

Young man: Good day Ma'am. Please is the seat taken?
Woman: No its not. You can have your seat.
Young man: Thank you very much Ma'am.

IN A MOLUE BUS IN OSHODI, LAGOS, a young student enters as the bus keeps moving and walks the aisle quickly, in search of a seat. He spots one in a row in front, and heads there immediately.
An old fat woman is seating with her large sack (Super Bagco super sack) right on the seat beside her.

Student: Abeg madam, I wan siddon.
Woman: where u wan siddon? For hia? Go find ur own seat jare!
Student: madam na three suppose sit for hia. Abeg comot ur bag make I siddon.
Woman: Go plant ya yansh in another place o. U no fit siddon hia!

The young man grabs the sack and tosses it on the floor. He sits down, ignoring the woman's protests. One of the four conductors rushes to the scene, and asks what is wrong. Seven people reply him, and amidst the din that ensues, he is able to make sense of the situation.

Conductor: Mama, no vex. Ya load dey safe for floor na. O boy, take am easy o. E fit born u, abi u sef no see?
Woman: The boy dey craze! E fit do this kain tin to im mama for house? D pikin wey dey nowadays! No respect!
Conductor: Mama no vex na! If una no put una load for chair this for no happen. No vex! O boy tell am say u sorry na!
Young man: Sorry madam.
Conductor (and everyone else): Henhen! E don do madam! D boy don apologize!