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Valentine's Day

Love...what is love?

Love is seeing that old lady carrying a heavy bag, and rushing forward to help her with it - unconscious action to aid another person.

Love is sitting in a bus and waiting two hours for it to fill up, then giving your seat to a woman with a baby on her back, because the remaining space is not condusive for her.

Love is knowing your friend is very low and cash, and taking action to help out by sharing the little you have.

Love is ensuring that those around you are happy, by doing all you can to make life better for them.

Love is praying for people around you - even those that you cannot remember their surnames, that all their needs be met, each and every day.

Love is knowing you might not achieve all you set out to do in a day, but also knowing that helping others reach their goal is even better than if you had.

Love is keeping a smile on your face for others to gain warmth from even though you are sad.

Love is self-sacrificing.

Love is all-encompassing.

And love conquers all......all......

Love someone this week.
Help someone this week.
Give someone your seat this week.
Share this week.
Make others around you happy this week.
Pray for others this week.
Help others achieve their goals this week.

And keep smiling this week and beyond



disgodkidd said…
oh! don't u think u've got it all wrong? love is butterflies and fairies and chocolates and....

ok, you can turn off the TV now...

thanks for loving me...em, vicky, it's not what u think....
disgodkidd said…
by the way, daydah, 2 days to go...r u not going to hook me up?
Daydah said…
@disgodkidd: I am not a pimp! (seriously guys). Besides, you are God's kid, kiddo, and I am 90% sure He has hooked you up, its just you that's slow in locating

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