Bundle of joy

Yesterday I attended a naming ceremony of a friend. The Genesis of that is a long one, but let me try and summarize it.
She got pregnant in her fourth year. Her boyfriend decided the best thing to do was get married - that is rare these days, as there are many abortion doctors available. You would think it ended well - guy marries girl, they finish school, and apart from their certificates, have also a certificate in parenthood, but no, it didn't end that way.
Her parents refused to let her marry him because of religion. I know what you are thinking - muslim guy to christian girl (or vice versa), right? Wrong.
She is from a Jehovah Witness home, and he is from an Anglican home. That should not cause any friction, since they are both Christians, right? Wrong! Her parents sent her out. But God was on her side - my whole (my aunt took her in, catered for her) family stood by her - attended the naming ceremony of her baby girl yesterday. My mum and I had tears in our eyes, we were so full of joy. Despite her parents disowning her, and cutting her off completely, she stood her ground. And all those who scorned her at first had to bite their tongues and attend.
She is very very brave, withstanding all that oppostion at home, and in school among her friends (that turned out not to be great friends after all). I really admire her. I pray for her all the time.

May God be with her, protect her and the child, and give her happiness.

On the side, my gaze kept falling back on the guy, not to "check him out" I assure you, but to really try to answer a nagging question in my mind.

Is he worth it? Is her husband worth all the pain of separation? Will he continue to cherish her and cater for her needs? Will he never take her for granted? I certainly hope so.

Do I love Vicky enough to stand the test of time like that?
Do you love your guy/girl/husband/wife enough to stand these kind of tests?
Think about it!