Work! Work! Work!

Everyday, I wake up tired...
I sleepwalk through my morning routine - brush my teeth, bath, dress up, grab my laptop bag, and go out on the road. Most times the day hasn't even begun to dawn yet. I grab an okada, to the major busstop, then enter a danfo bus, or most times, an 'agege bread' bus - those ones that have raised roofs inside, that make you think that they were constructed only for tall, long people.

I finally 'wake up' around 8.00 am, and its a good thing because work starts at 9.00. I leave by 6.00pm, and take another okada to another major bus park to board the convenient means of transport that our governor has so kindly disrupted our lives to provide - BRT. I play sudoku on my phone throughout the bus ride (I admit, sometimes I doze off, but I always try to get a window seat so I can at least lean on the sill). Then I take another okada to my home. Most times I get home by 8.30pm, but I could be early and arrive at 7.45pm.

After two months of this, I just keep wondering, How am I supposed to combine this with motherhood and wifehood?

My friends don't even know I'm back in Lagos. And don't get me started on the fact that Wednesday is the most hectic for me. Even when I got typhoid, and malaria, I still struggled to go to work. Then last week I got 'bruised inner thighs' - that is the best that I can translate 'ibotan' o! Y'all please help me out.

I was off everything - I couldn't even walk properly. It turned to wounds and was really serious, had to get medication, and bear my brother's teasing that I'd gotten fat. We both knew it wasn't true - the scale is in his room, and he's the one that reads the dial when I'm standing on it.

But through it all - I still went to work. I don't need to think too far - I enjoy the job, but I'm going to need help balancing everything. Got any therapy in mind, anyone? IT will be sorely appreciated!

So, here I am, updating my blog at 4.00 am in the morning.
There has to be a crack in the wall somewhere!


Kafo said…

ha ha ha
it has been a while since i heard that


it will all be worth it some day

have a blessed weekend
xi said…
Maybe you should just buy your own personal okada. Saves you the stress of walking to the major bustops, thus eliminating the occurence of ibotan....

Seriously, sorry o. An alternative to reducing your commuting time is to wait till you're financially empowered, then get a crib near your office (since there is practically nothing you can do about the traffic.)

Till then, just drink garri with cold water, and take heart.
Daydah said…
@xi: think I have a guess as to who you not cannot be you....
@everyone: thanks for the advice and care.
Afam Anigbo said…
Lolz... wounds btw d legs...??

OMG, what have you guys done to yourselves?!