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No food for lazy man

Some days ago I was sitting in a commercial bus on my way to Community Development meeting, on Ikorodu road, when I saw a tricycle in front of us with the caption at its back reading "No food for lazy man". I thought about it and shook my head in disagreement. I have many facts to prove otherwise, especially that morning.
I boarded a bus heading for Ojuelegba under bridge, and it stopped (of course) along the way, at known bus stops. It stopped at Town planning (opposite Anthony Village), only to be told to step aside by LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) officials. There were about four of them,and there was also a uniformed official from MOPOL, carrying a rifle and looking very menacing. What was the driver's crime? Nothing that we could put our finger on. Within seconds, they has assigned a plainclothes man to collect the key and drive the bus.

We the passengers were left speechless. We tried to evaluate the situation - what was the driver's crime? Di…

What is the worst that could happen?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind - What is the worst that could happen [in a situation]? Well it crossed my mind two days ago. After a long battle of wills, my mother gave me her car to drive to work. I had complained earlier that the cost of transportation was much for me, and it didnt make sense that my car (which is an automatic, and the best option for the terrible traffic on the island) was just sitting there in the house. I had gotten tired of arguing, so i had just relied on God to help me through, only for my mum to start insisting I drive her car (which is a manual) to work instead. As I was getting onto the Third Mainland bridge, a thought flashed into my head: what is the worst that could happen? And the reply came almost instantly, the car stopping in the middle of the bridge.
Thirty minutes later it happened. I thought I was dreaming, and it was not funny at all because it was pouring sheets of rain, in torrents and I could not venture out. Two agberos came out of n…