What is the worst that could happen?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind - What is the worst that could happen [in a situation]? Well it crossed my mind two days ago. After a long battle of wills, my mother gave me her car to drive to work. I had complained earlier that the cost of transportation was much for me, and it didnt make sense that my car (which is an automatic, and the best option for the terrible traffic on the island) was just sitting there in the house. I had gotten tired of arguing, so i had just relied on God to help me through, only for my mum to start insisting I drive her car (which is a manual) to work instead. As I was getting onto the Third Mainland bridge, a thought flashed into my head: what is the worst that could happen? And the reply came almost instantly, the car stopping in the middle of the bridge.
Thirty minutes later it happened. I thought I was dreaming, and it was not funny at all because it was pouring sheets of rain, in torrents and I could not venture out. Two agberos came out of nowhere to help me push it. After a few minutes I began to try to start it against their advice (they didnt want me to start the car, because they wanted to push the car to a location that they knew I would be helpless). Eventually it started, then they began demanding for four thousand five hundred naira (let me put it in figures - N4,500). I gave them all I had - N800.
I got to Dolphin Estate and in traffic again, it stopped. By then I was trying mum's number frantically, but she was not picking any of her phones. A good samaritan came to help, and I told him that all the car needs is a little push. I dropped him off at Ikoyi, only to cry out when the car stopped as i was climbing Falomo bridge. I got some gala road sellers to help me push it, and found a mechanic as well, who I requested to follow me to the office.
Anyway, I ended up at Ikoyi, near a client site (where I was supposed to resume that morning). The mechanic brought a rewire guy who promptly declared that the problem with the car was its kickstarter, and it would cost me 6,000 naira to get another. i called mum - i had finished about 500 naira credit on calls by then. She eventually sent her driver, who waited for me to close at four p.m. and took me home. Of course we had to push the car to start it but there was no traffic on our way home so there was no extra events.

Now for someone who does not even know how to check the oil in a car, that was a real experience! For someone who drove an automatic the last two times, it was a real experience indeed, to drive a manual.
Over all I thank God for his mercies. I was not robbed on the bridge - my laptop was in plain view, and there were five agberos by the time my car started, all demanding for money. And there was no accident - I did not hit anyone. God is good!


Afam Anigbo said…
Ahh, cars... just like women, can screw u up wen u need em d most (didnt mean dat literally of course :)

Well, i can ring up about a zillion "worst things dat could happen" dearie. But i'll save u d pain

Actually its better if u master a manual transmission first. But as i said earlier... DRIVE UR DARN COROLLA!