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No fuel everywhere - Teachers on Strike!

Today is a new week and we are currently experiencing the stress of strikes - The National Union of Teachers are on strike, and NUPENG has joined, meaning that fuel is now a scarce commodity, and everyone can feel the tension.
The thought of it all brought tears to my eyes, not because I was too stressed (Its a Monday morning - you expect the stress on Mondays), but because I realized that we are only suffering ourselves. Its the masses that are feeling the heat, not the government, and most of all, its the children that are suffering for it.

I appreciate the actions of NUPENG, don't get me wrong. What just keeps me wondering is the fact that I don't know when Nigerians will understand that striking will never work, and that our leaders are insensitive to anything educational - we have eight years of experience to prove it. And even after electing a former lecturer to the Presidency, it is still the same.
All we should be doing is praying, not practicing 'two wrongs' to …