The following conversation took place...

The following conversation took place on Yahoo messenger this morning
disgodkidd: bbuzz
Dayda: hi kiddo
Dayda: thanks for ur call
disgodkidd: so wats up wit u? wht hv u been sick?
disgodkidd: u there?
disgodkidd: u there?
Dayda: yeah
Dayda: sorry
Dayda: i had small fever
Dayda: was overworkin myself
Dayda: okay okay!
Dayda: i admint
Dayda: admit
Dayda: i have alredy bn shouted on by my mum
Dayda: my brother
Dayda: and three friends
Dayda: pls
Dayda: i am tired
Dayda: !!!!
Dayda: i have done my hair now
Dayda: and ordered new clothes
Dayda: and i am dressing properly
Dayda: i bot two pairs of shoes
Dayda: ok?
Dayda: *sigh
Dayda: sorry for downloading
Dayda: yes i was ill
Dayda: how r u?


xi said…
Me thinks your internal radiator don dey overheat oooo, this one that you were unleashing so much steam....

So mumsie and your brother and three friends had to set up an intervention committee, before you agreed to start looking like beta person? Chei!.

By the way, what were you ill with? Hope you were not vomiting in the mornings and spitting anyhow....

Anyway, I'm fine, thank you. Thanks for asking.
Kafo said…
1: when did you and disgodkidd start chatting

2: did u get my email

3: why did you buy new clothes

4: why r u overwokring yourself

5: should i call COUSIN and shout at mii for not taking care of you

6: get well

7: i miss you
Daydah said…
@xi: Yes my radiator was overheating. And now that I have been adhering to the new rules, I kind of like the flattering comments coming my way.

@kafo: 1.disgodkidd and i started chatting early this year. 2.yes i got yor mail in time. yet to get my stuff from ur mum.THANKS AGAIN BY THE old clothes r too big, and i didnt reduce their sizes cos i felt i would stil gain weight anyway. 4. i really dont know the ansa to that question, when i find it i will let you know. 5. er ...i know he doesnt kno everything but if u feel obliged to tell him, then go on. I shall bravely bear the consequences. 6. thanks, almost there...