The Power of Fear

Picture this:
You are sitting in your room, catching up on some old movies, when you suddenly hear the sound of someone banging your gate (is that English? I meant 'Knocking loudly'). You glance at the time at the edge of the screen, it's 2 a.m. in the morning. The knocking isnt the 'pls open this gate for me I need to get in' kind of knock, no, it's the 'OPEN THIS GATE THIS VERY SECOND YOU MORON' kind of knock. The only dog you have in the compound barks half-heartedly, then stops.
Then a few minutes later you hear someone right by your window, walking on what sounds like iron roofing sheets. And it seems the person is not alone, masculine voices, in the dead of the night.

What would you do? How would you react? Add to the fact that your family was robbed at Easter and the experience has you shaken even now, over three months after. What would be your first action?

I was off the settee in seconds, and had hidden the office laptop (mine was stolen, and the first office laptop was also stolen in the robbery) before you can say 'Jack Robinson met Robinson Crusoe'.
I tiptoed out of the room and went to my Mum's room. Trust her she was already up, calling my Great Uncle who stays right behind us. He was also up, and was playing his recording of the dog's vicious barking.
After a few minutes of whispering, we heard the same kind of banging (what are you thinking?) at another gate and three dogs barked in response.
It was then we concluded that the night watch men a.k.a OPC for the street must have been trying to wake the dogs in the neighborhood.
That doesnt mean we slept immediately - I did not sleep till I was in the bus this morning.
Talk about Fear.
We were praying like there was no tomorrow - and nothing was wrong.

Some people might not know how it feels to be ignorant of fear, how it is not to think every noise in the night means the robbers are around, how it is not to shake at every sound.
How it is to sleep soundly.
Do you think I can ever get it back? I need that bliss....


xi said…
Hold on, let me get this right.

You guys have OPC in your hood. And the OPC are employed for the sole purpose of security. Then the OPC now want to forcibly recruit your dogs (and you guys too in the process) into staying awake and doing vigil too?

Omo, world don spoil oh, can you imagine.

If I was in your hood, I'd kindly suggest to the chief OPC officer (if they dont have one, appoint one!) that they should please get their own dogs for security, and stop awakening the neighbourhood in the dead of the night. After all, you guys hired them so that you could sleep peacefully.

And the very notion of waking up the dogs...?!

I have a dog. A venerable old canine, who is in retirement.
His name is Nkwobi. (yeah yeah, sue me) and he is 11 years old.

Now, Nkwobi has barked only once in its life, that was when it was around 3 years old. (One of my not-too-handsome cousins came to the house, he hadnt cut his hair in about 6 months, and that morning, he didnt comb it. Nkwobi took one look and him and said to himself..."I've been keeping quiet since, but this one, I must talk!" then started barking furiously). Since then, Nkwobi hasnt barked again.
He sleeps downstairs, near the dining table.
He only goes out of the house to perform his excretory duties.
In fact, I suspect that the reason it's lived so long is that it doesnt bark and chase people, hence no hypertension, high b.p, nothing.

Why then would OPC want to disturb Nkwobi to wake up? Of what use would it be?

Anyway, sorry sha.
Daydah said…
@Xi: I laughed till tears were streaming down my face. Firstly the name of the dog is the same name of a dish of goat head peppersoup. Secondly, it has only barked once in its life, so i wonder why you guys still keep it. Maybe it knows the meaning of its name, that's why he cant go out and chase chicks (er..sorry, I mean she-dogs) cos its ashamed.
Thanks for the empathy sha