The Sea of Life

I am in the sea
and swimming towards my destiny
only a few more meters, it seems
I smile as I come closer
'keep swimming' I mutter
and in an outward glide
my foot gets tied

To float I know not how
to see what holds me back I bend down
tis an anchor, a rope to it is tied
and the other end to my foot is ensnared
I raise my head above the water
and see the shore yonder
I must go down to untie myself
from this anchor that is keeping me fettered
away from my destiny
far from where I want to be.

I look around me trying to find help
all I can see is nothing but kelp
no one close by
to hear my cry
how to get out of this predicament I know not how
the rope tangled to my foot seems tied tighter now!
I must find a way out of this

Everyone else think all's swell
that things are going so well
I can't be bothered by their own dilemmas
But that's where they are wrong
because I'm weighed down wit this ..this Kong!
All these issues
and no one has even offered to give me a tissue!

I must not blame anyone of my friends
because everytime I am tied down I feel I'll turn into a fiend!
So I go to my corner
and try not to bother
anyone and therefore cut off all who would
or could
(you can never tell who will or wont) help.

I'm swimming alone
feeezing to the bone
if only I could shout
but who will help me out?
I'm going under
staring at the shore,
at my dreams being realized
just a few minutes' swimming more
- but I am paralyzed!

Just as I accept my fate
and a small hole in my defiance
lets in a rush of despair
I feel my foot being released
gradually, I am becoming free.

But as I look into the water, towards my destiny ashore
I glimpse beneath the waters surface
a menace of ropes,
moving left and right with the tide
waiting to snare my feet as I glide
towards the shore
where I shall be safe once more

It is a struggle
a never ending fight to get to the top
to achieve your goals and to reach where you envision you should be in life
I assure you - life is a body of water
filled with ropes, tied to anchors
waiting to ensnare you and keep you in a spot
but always remember
God is the overall sovereign over
any trial you might be in
right now

So when you're trapped by trials
And everything seems to be in a spiral
Dont look down - there's only despair there
Look up to Jesus - He'll get you out of there!


Kafo said…
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i hope all is well

how are the parents and the shorty boy

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xi said…
Read Shakespeare's Sonnet 29.