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BIRTHDAY BASH: Bride to be had fun...

Well I knew beforehand that there was going to be a party for the birthday celebration of my cousin, and I was amply prepared. I wanted to have a good time, and I did.The traffic in Lekki is seriously handicapping people o. I magine spending 2 hrs in traffic on a road that barely takes 10 minutes in a normal situation - it is a straight road for God's sake! Something must be done about that road. Someone suggested a fourth mainland bridge but I am not too optimistic about that bridge moving from fantasy to reality in my lifetime so that is out of the question.

Anyway, I got home to meet a small crowd of nice people, just chilling and waiting for night to fall more darkly. I ran up the stairs and had a shower, and assumed that the party downstairs was IT.I ate late (8pm is late now you know), and spent some time gisting with other people, thinking that the party would end right there and there in the house at the appropriate 10pm.Boy, was I wrong! At abt 10.30pm, my cousin announced that those ladies going out with her should go and get dressed. I got to the room and changed to my gown.

This is where I tell you abt my gown which I had actually been sequinning the dress for weeks. It is a black knee length gown my mother bought for me, with embroidery all around the edges, at the bust line, and beautiful flowers around the middle. The only problem I have is that it is all
black, so i sequined tiny coral beads on the flowers and some of the pattern on the edges. I had to stay up till 1 am tht day to finish it up. The end result was a lovely spaghetti kneelength black gown with sequins all over it. I had worn it, only to realise that out of the other six girls going out, only my cousin and I were wearing gowns. I needed no convincing - I changed to Jeans immediately!

So we packed ourselves in 3 cars, and headed to Caliente, a nice new bar and club that is off Adeola Odeku. Its been ages since I went to a club (and that occasion was thanks to my cousin as well). The place was lovely, the concept for Halloween was cute and the lighting and seating arrangement was classy, plus there were three poles at one end, for pole dancing. We danced, they drank (I dont drink; I didnt even take juice, largely because of that story of unopened juice
cartons injected with some drug that made girls sleep off and get raped and their wombs destroyed etc. Yes I know I should not believe everything I read but it was an unconscious decision, and it was only this morning that I was able to point to the reason for my extreme hesitation).

I watched everyone else get tipsy, the bride-to-be and groom were having the time of their lives. It was fun.
By 3 am we got back home. We had to tiptoe into the house - I had quite a scare when the gateman opened the door and the verocious dogs greeted me first. It was not funny, the other girls were shaking with fright. We eventually got in, and then had to arrange how we were going to sleep. seven girls plus Aero, who had refused to go out, making eight.We managed sha, as girls would.

I went, not because I am a rocker, but because I knew without a doubt that another opportunity might not present itself till my own wedding - and even then I am sure I will not have any inclination to go to a club and dance. I would choose a different location and setting.Now I am sooo tired, that I am sleeping off, and carrying a dreary look around. :D

Its all for the fun of it though. One more day before the engagement!
Am still excited!


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