Day One: remaining nine days

Fasting begins! No food or water till 5pm. I have a Gala Meaty to use to break then. Then I wore the girdle to bed last night. Found out I went to the restroom more often that usual. My back is ramrod straight right now, but I will soon adjust, I know.
No lunch today.....God pls hear my prayers o!


Proffy Prof said…
Dont b too hard on urself,cos time might come when u will actually want to take more than wot u r body can handle...(ask those who fast all day)
But u've got to give dat sit up a rethink...or dont u think so?-Charles
Kafo said…
r u serious
i don't like this oooooooooooooo

u r beautiful the way you are
crash dieting

i will pray for u