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Fitting Day has passed....phew!

Ok, so yesterday, I went for the bridesmaid dress fitting. The first agony was locating the Tailor's shop. I had to reach Ojuelegba before taking a Mushin bus that took me back in the direction I was coming from but on the other side. The shop is called La - Beth, and they are specialists in making women's corporate suits and other stuff. I know she's a professional cos my cousin's mum has been using her services for the past 20 yrs - and believe me, if the lady can satisfy my aunt's impeccable, society-conscious taste, then she's on equal grounds with international designers anywhere.

After locating the shop, they had to locate my dress, and then I entered the cubicle to wear it. It looked exactly like what was in the picture, but the arm holes were too oblong, and one pad was missing (Ladies, I didnt know that there were pads for the bra area too. Is that supposed to make the dress more fitted? Or to encourage the braless phenomenon since the nipples are not exposed? I am still thinking about it).

After the whole shezzle dizzle, The tailor lady came down in her royal grace to view how the dress could be adjusted. Then she pinned the extra four inches up (I felt good at how much she had to pin on both sides - it meant I'd lost A LOT OF WEIGHT!![grinning again]). Then she stared critically at me, and twirled me around, before pushing me back into the cubicle to remove the dress.

When I came out, she measured my waist, then looked sternly at me - unconsciously I sucked in my tummy and she nodded. She dictated the measurements to one of her assistants. Then she told me she was through with me.

The whole experience reminded me of those French Coutourers/seamstresses that I read of in those Elizabethan Romantic novels. She was stern, and she belonged to an age when women held their backs straight and curtsied in greeting.
Well, I still have three more kilos to drop before the wedding, and I must mention that I have been getting positive advice about it all, from friends far and near.
I eat dinner before 7pm now, or 6.30pm if I can help it, and I eat more vegetables as well. Then I go to bed before 10pm. I find it quite refreshing. I also wear the girdle to bed, and I find that it helps me keep my tummy flat through out the next day.

Now I need to lose the folds on the side because it seems am just dropping in weight but that specific area - the love handles, is not getting attention. Any suggestions on that?


Proffy Prof said…
Hmmm...thats the prize for commitment to your goal.BRAVO!!! Commitment and dedication to one's goals always pays off. but please dont put yourself through this again later in life. By the time you remember this ORDEAL you went through i know you wont want to go through this exercise. Cheers!

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