Four days to go and....

I moved in to the bride's house yesterday, and spent the

evening mixing and mingling with family and (new) friends.

The highlight of the night was when all the guests had gone

and it remained the bride (to-be), another bridesmaid (lives

in Austria and speaks German, French, English and Dutch

fluently, named Aero henceforth) and me in the house.I'd commented on Aero's lean physique earlier in the day,

only for me to hear that she would be er...'gym instructor'

for the bride till Dday. I quickly signed on, but ten

minutes after we started doing crunches that night, I was

ready to run.Needless to say that my waist down feels like needles have

bn stuck in all over, and I can barely breath in (remember I

still had to wear my girdle to sleep).I know it will work but I am dreading nighttime already.

My waist is on fire!!!