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I walk....

I don't think I can forget Tuesday the 7th of October 2008 for a long long time. I can still see the scene vividly. I came down a pedestrian bridge that morning, and continued walking in a hurry as I was late for an appointment, when something terrible happened.

An okada tried to cross to the sidelane (on a four lane road), when it suddenly overturned, at full speed. The passenger got dragged a few feet before being separated from the bike. The okada rider (as we call them), had jumped and landed a few feet away. I stood frozen in place, praying that the passenger had not died, he sat up slowly, and glanced at his laptop bag a few feet away from where he'd skidded to a halt. That was when I noticed his leg. His left leg had the shins. That is after the had broken forward at an unearthly angle...and he sat there watching it.

People ran towards him...there was a wail of agony at the incident. I still shudder when I picture it. He was just staring at the leg, like it was not his own, like it was not part of him.

By the time I got to my destination, I was crying uncontrollably.
And the best part....the best part is that the rider was unhurt....and I actually had considered biking to my appointment. From my crib, its quite a distance.

Right now, everytime I see a motorcycle, I look down at my legs.
I prayed for the man, that it wont be amputated, that it will all be alright soon.
Its too painful to even think about it. I don't take bikes anymore. I carry walking shoes (ballet shoes) instead. If its too far and I can't wait,

I walk.


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