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Wipe your eyes my Child

Wipe your eyes, wipe your eyes, My Child. What is the use of crying.

Clean your tears, clean your tears, my daughter, it brings no solution.

But Father, I am all alone. My very life is not even mine to plan. It seems everytime I look up to You with a smile, and say Thank you, there is always some drama waiting to happen around the corner.

Everytime I look ahead with bright hope,
and plan ahead with such faith,
it falls to shambles because of some unforeseen blockade,
some unbelievable occurrence.

Others walk the same path, and its smooth,
their feet barely touching the floor as they hurry by,
but mine...
my own is full of potholes,
of unimaginable limits and delays,
some stupid reasons why I cannot move forward.

I am tired Father, I am tired. I don't know why my own must be different. Who did I offend before being born?
Who is it that I must appeace once and for all so that I can move on without a hitch?
What did I do to deserve all this?

I know how you feel my Child but it is the Christian way o…

Forward ever

Last week, I got chatting with my ex-boyfriend. Actually he was the first guy I ever dated, and we parted ways because of many issues including the fact that he said he would not marry until he was 40 something (and he's just a year older than me), and I could not wait for that.

Anyway, there were other things, other principles I held dear that I refused to give in to, like wearing makeup and dressing up fancy ALL THE TIME ( I didnt see the use of that because I wanted my dressing up to be for special occasions as that way it will be appreciated). I digress. My apologies.

We parted ways (I broke up with him - on the internet, and before the comments start flowing in, I have apologized for being so wicked and we are over that) and he didnt speak to me for two years. We are friends now. I have my Vicky and he told me has someone special.

In our conversation, he asked me a question - he said something like this: "I hope u still are not having that same mindset you had?" When I…


Thank God for technology - I was on the phone with someone in another state when the results were announced that Barack Obama had won. I ran to the TV and put it to a local channel that had the foresight to show it live (another thanks to technology in Nigeria).

The speech was preceded by prayers and that alone is a sign that Christianity was back in control in that country.
I have to confess that I cried throughout his speech. Not just because of his words but the enormity of it all.

A Kenyan is the next president-elect of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A BLACK-SKINNED MAN was going to rule the WHITE HOUSE. A Black Family was going to be the First family in the world.

I cried and sobbed because his words were what we all wanted to hear, words of hope, words of encouragement, and words of affirmation. YES WE CAN. There is no limit to what we can do. Nothing is impossible [for God]. We are here to help each other. We are here to ensure that progress is made. We are here on earth to make su…

Wedding Day: He who finds

He who finds a wife, has found a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. The day was filled with soo many things that I love...let me start listing them:

I love my cousin's wedding dress, It was a lovely sequinned dress with a sloping wrap that fitted her like a second skin. It had a lovely thin veil that was like cobwebs spun in a pattern, and she was soooo beautiful (am tired of using that word, but it is soo appropriate).

I love the cool look her groom was in, the smooth suit, and the lovely smile with tears in his eyes.

I love the ties the grooms men were wearing.

I love the dresses we had on - so glad I was part of the train.

I love the vows they exchanged - I had to fight tears several times during the service. It didnt help that I look so much like the bride and everyone was staring at me and wondering where I sprung from. and you know when I cry - my face just screws up, and I didnt want to spoil the lovely makeup I had on.

I love the pictures we took afterwards at the lago…

Engagement Day: A sea of Purple

Friday was....was....I am trying to find the right word to describe how it was. Friday was a lovely lovely day, and the bride was beautiful beyond words. We had so much fun. It turns out I am not the only one that was a bridesmaid for the first time, so it was an experience for me. The engagement party was for 800 people, and it was covered by two television stations (Channels TV, and NTA Network).

The bride and the bridesmaids had to wait to be called, in a friend's house, and eventually we entered in style.

We had to dance in before the bride, and we had to carry bags around for people to bless her with monetary gifts. The hall was decorated in an african setting, complete with painted gourds and woven palm fronds and local mats on the raised platforms. It was beautiful. I could not stop smiling in happiness, cos we are many that have been praying for this day and it had finally come. She was soo lovely, so beautiful and enchanting in green and gold. The groom's family were fr…