Engagement Day: A sea of Purple

Friday was....was....I am trying to find the right word to describe how it was. Friday was a lovely lovely day, and the bride was beautiful beyond words. We had so much fun. It turns out I am not the only one that was a bridesmaid for the first time, so it was an experience for me. The engagement party was for 800 people, and it was covered by two television stations (Channels TV, and NTA Network).

The bride and the bridesmaids had to wait to be called, in a friend's house, and eventually we entered in style.

We had to dance in before the bride, and we had to carry bags around for people to bless her with monetary gifts. The hall was decorated in an african setting, complete with painted gourds and woven palm fronds and local mats on the raised platforms. It was beautiful. I could not stop smiling in happiness, cos we are many that have been praying for this day and it had finally come. She was soo lovely, so beautiful and enchanting in green and gold. The groom's family were from royalty so the king of their town was ably represented. After the ceremony we danced and danced for hours.

On the side, I cannot believe that I could actually be so comfortable in heels. I was wearing 3.5 inches and dancing like I was on my bare feet. I guess it depends on how comfortable the shoes are, and I have to give it to the pair I was wearing - they were so comfortable and I could walk at my own pace (which is quite fast).

At 9pm, we called it a night, and went back home, but we had to stay up all night taking turns in doing our hair - the hairdressers came to stay overnight. It was a stressful thing..but that is another story :D