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Forward ever

Last week, I got chatting with my ex-boyfriend. Actually he was the first guy I ever dated, and we parted ways because of many issues including the fact that he said he would not marry until he was 40 something (and he's just a year older than me), and I could not wait for that.

Anyway, there were other things, other principles I held dear that I refused to give in to, like wearing makeup and dressing up fancy ALL THE TIME ( I didnt see the use of that because I wanted my dressing up to be for special occasions as that way it will be appreciated). I digress. My apologies.

We parted ways (I broke up with him - on the internet, and before the comments start flowing in, I have apologized for being so wicked and we are over that) and he didnt speak to me for two years. We are friends now. I have my Vicky and he told me has someone special.

In our conversation, he asked me a question - he said something like this: "I hope u still are not having that same mindset you had?" When I asked him what he meant he didnt reply. Just up and left.

Well I have my answer - YES I STILL HAVE THE SAME MINDSET.

Yes I still want to be a virgin when I marry.

Yes I still want to work when I have the children.

Yes I still want more than two children.

And Yes I still want to work globally, and not just in Nigeria.

Yes - being accepted by my significant other's family still matters a lot to me.

Yes - Being able to express himself to me is also very crucial to our relationship.

Yes - I still think God can be the centre of a relationship.

Yes - I still believe that I can be myself and be loved by him, just as I am. No questions asked. He loves me hairy, chubby, and casual, and he goes into hypnotic mode when I doll up as well. I dont have to change who I am (simple, humble and sincere babe any day anytime) to fit into a picture of what his perfect babe should be like - cos I am already perfect the way God made me.

And finally, YES - I still feel both of us can have close friends of the other sex with out it jeopardizing our relationship. I trust him and he trusts me. No jealousy whatsoever. No surprise visits to check up on each other.

I just wonder where I would have ended up if I had not taken the decision to end it with Mr. Perfect. I thank God for the strength.

ALL YOU LADIES OUT THERE - There is a guy for you somewhere, and he will take you as YOU ARE.

He wont turn up his nose when he sees you in your houserobe, and he wont complain that you didnt do your hair every weekend.

He wont put stress on you to be another person. He would want to know the real person inside, and will want you to meet his family as early as possible.

He wont hide you away, but will want his mother to have a good look at you.

And even if she doesnt approve, he will still love you anyway.

He will always look out for you, listen to all your nonsensical talk, and want to help you out financially.

He wont push you to sleep with him but let you be the one to push for intimacy.

He is waiting for you....Pray he finds you and remains restless until he does, and until he proposes ( I did that prayer!).

Forward ever!


Proffy Prof said…
Well this long list of requirements certainly has some points that CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be compromised. Like what i call PMS(Pre-Marital Sex)-it really behaves like its real life counterpart Premium Motor Spirit, It has burned some pple to death and ruined numerous promising relationships and potential Heroes!!!So On those points i agree with you. the others i think can be bent(Please dont come for me for saying that.

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